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November Athlete of the Month: Jace Carlson

Jace is our November Athlete of the Month! They are highly-praised here at Solcana for the kind and welcoming attitude that they bring to each class, and the incredible work that they put into each workout does not go unnoticed.

Read more about Jace below!

Coach Amelia says, “Jace has been putting in the work and it’s so fun to see their progress!! They have gotten so strong – we were just talking about how this cycle has really shown gains in their push-ups, and I can see gains in so much of their work! They are a real student of fitness and ask great questions and I love watching them think through how to apply feedback. Fun fact: they have a snake named Ravioli, which is the question of the day answer I still think about all the time.”

Coach Garrett says, “I love Jace! They are a solid and strong athlete and community builder. Jace started and runs our Trans Strength chat; they even planned a get together for trans strength athletes. I am confident that part of the success of our trans strength program is due to Jace’s warm presence and stellar attitude. As an athlete, Jace is a powerhouse! They have come so far with their Oly lifts! It’s always a pleasure to coach and workout alongside them.”

Jace has been a member at Solcana since April of this year, and can’t get enough! Jace says, “I started with the [Em]Power fitness class and have been hooked ever since. I have always loved staying active and playing sports, but finding a gym environment that felt good as an adult was a struggle. The community of people at Solcana, especially in the Trans Strength classes, has been a huge part of what keeps me coming back.”

Having a group like those in Trans Strength to support them while working out has helped them get stronger and build community in their journey. “I started testosterone shortly after I came to Solcana and having such an incredible and supportive group of people to workout and get stronger with has made my journey so much better already! I came here to make friends and get strong, and I am thrilled to be doing exactly that.”

Coach Traci adds, “I have only coached or been in class with Jace a handful of times.  I always notice a really great energy from them and always working hard on whatever we’re doing that day.  They are always very welcoming and kind.”

Fun Facts About Jace!

  • Jace works for the Science Museum of MN coordinating summer camps.
  • They love the outdoors! They enjoy doing just about any outdoor activity like hiking, biking, swimming, camping, laying in the grass, looking at plants, etc.
  •  They have a pet snake named Ravioli (Ravioli shout-outs by Coach Amelia above!)
  • They are a certified SCUBA diver.
  • Jace has taught 7th, 9th and 10th grade Science. Go off, Teach!
  • And they love to sing!

Coach Brooke adds, “Jace brings such a bright, resilient energy to classes. They build community everywhere they go with a grounded, kind spirit. With their start here in the [Em]Power program, they always came to class with smart questions that kept me on my toes. It has been such a joy to watch their journey as an athlete.”

Our admin and fellow member of Trans Strength, Scout, adds, “Jace is an amazing person and a cherished part of the Trans Strength affinity group! They are outgoing and kind, and even setup a FB group for the TS athletes to get together and socialize outside of the gym. I love doing partner workouts with them because they have such a positive and encouraging attitude. Jace always pours into my cup of energy, even if neither of us is feeling 100% when we enter the space, we’re better for it when we part ways at the end of class. We’re blessed to be celebrating the unique gifts they contribute to Solcana’s community!”

Coach Hannah says, “I have not had the opportunity to coach Jace but I have worked out alongside them and often see their smiling face around the gym. The best way I could describe Jace just from our first meeting is WARM. They are someone who is ready to receive people as they are and is just so open and kind-hearted.”

Jace is a cherished member of our gym. They have a genuine and encouraging energy that is infectious, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them as we continue to have them here at Solcana!

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