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Category: Gym News

  • December Athlete of the Month: Heejin Kim

    We’re happy to announce Heejin Kim as our December Athlete of the Month! She is a joy to have around the gym, and inspires many with her eagerness to learn and grow as an athlete. She is delightful and a much-appreciated member of our gym family. Read more about Heejin below! Coach Garrett F says, […]

  • November Athlete of the Month: Jace Carlson

    Jace is our November Athlete of the Month! They are highly-praised here at Solcana for the kind and welcoming attitude that they bring to each class, and the incredible work that they put into each workout does not go unnoticed. Read more about Jace below! Coach Amelia says, “Jace has been putting in the work […]

  • October Athlete of the Month: Juliet Patterson

    Juliet is our October Athlete of the Month! She is a highly-praised member of the Solcana gym community and carries a genuine and kind-spirited energy with her, inside and outside of the gym. Read more about our October athlete of the Month, Juliet, below! Coach Hannah says, “Juliet is my hero. She is an incredibly […]

  • Fall Challenge / Programming Cycle, Sep 6th – Nov 20th

    Welcome to Solcana’s Fall Challenge! Our new programming cycle will focus on The Fall Challenge, where we get a baseline measurement for a few exercises at the beginning of the cycle, and then test those same exercises at the end of the cycle to measure our improvement. You can sign up for the official challenge […]

  • July Athlete of the Month: Arnée Martin

    We’re excited to announce Arnée as our July Athlete of the Month! They have been a joy to have around and an absolute powerhouse in class. Arnée’s dedication and drive inspires everyone around them, especially watching them squat over 300 pounds at the Squat-Off. Read more about our July Athlete of the Month below! Coach […]

  • Welcome Coach Traci!

    Welcome Coach Traci!

    We are so excited to add a new member to our coaching staff: Traci Slane! Traci has been a coach for many years, and she specializes in strength training (specifically powerlifting). She will be coaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 pm and you can catch her in classes throughout the week.   Here is […]

  • 2021 Fall Challenge Winners

    2021 Fall Challenge Winners

    So many congrats are in order! Everyone did incredible work on the fall challenge, and it was an honor to watch you all give everything you got to those lifts. The clean & jerk, bench press, and chin ups require technique, guts, and raw strength. We had 62 athletes sign up and saw SO MANY […]

  • The End of Year Cycle

    The End of Year Cycle

    Hello everyone! First off, great job to all the folks that took part in the Fall Challenge. Whether you did the challenge itself or just took part in the programming, everyone did a great job and are making some BIG GAINS! 🏋️‍♀️ We’ve reached what is always a bit of a weird time of the […]

  • Schedule Updates!

    Schedule Updates!

    As we continue to rebuild after the last wild year and a half, our schedule continues to grow! We are adding more classes to our schedule starting this week, Oct 18th, 2021. Noon classes MWF in-gym with coach Garrett Ferderber 6:30 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays Trans Strength is back!!! Saturdays 9 am with coach Garrett […]

  • New Member only Fit From Home Portal

    New Member only Fit From Home Portal

    We wanted to let you know that we are changing the schedule for our virtual classes Oct 18th The good news is that we are making our recorded classes easier to access than ever before. Now, our recorded classes can be accessed the same day, or you can access a back-log of classes through our […]