• July Athlete of the Month: Arnée Martin

    We’re excited to announce Arnée as our July Athlete of the Month! They have been a joy to have around and an absolute powerhouse in class. Arnée’s dedication and drive inspires everyone around them, especially watching them squat over 300 pounds at the Squat-Off. Read more about our July Athlete of the Month below! Coach […]

  • June Athlete of the Month: Carmen Middleton

    June Athlete of the Month: Carmen Middleton

    We are happy to announce Carmen as our June Athlete of the Month. She continues to bring a hardworking, contagious energy that encourages everyone around her. Carmen’s kindness and light-hearted banter were just a few of the many amazing words the coaches had for her. Read more about Carmen below! Coach Garrett H says, “Carmen […]

  • Summer Programming Cycle, June 6th – September 4th

    Summer Programming Cycle, June 6th – September 4th

    We see summer as a time when people are generally very busy making the most of nice weather: playing, sporting, doing yard work, etc. Our next programming cycle runs through summer–and our goals reflect our desire to support you having your very best summer. One goal is to maintain strength while shifting focus to hypertrophy […]

  • Welcome Coach Neesh!

    Neesh (Neeshie) Evans (They/She) Where are you from originally: Whiteland, Indiana What brought you to Minnesota: My Partner (Sterling) grew up in Anoka and we desperately wanted a new adventure. We chose Minneapolis because he had fond memories of growing up here, and I jumped at the chance to get out of Indiana.  How did you […]

  • New Staff at Solcana

    We are so excited to welcome new staff members to our team! We are welcoming Scout (they/them) as our new client services administrator, AJ (she/her) as our social media director and Garrett Ferderder (he/him) is coming on as our new Programming Director. Name: Scout Ober Pronouns: they/them/theirs Where are you from originally: Brooklyn Park, MN […]

  • Learn to Coach with Us

    Learn to Coach with Us

    I am so excited to announce that we are launching a coach training program through Solcana. Check out the details here! This 12-week program is open to anyone who wants to become a certified coach. Whether you plan to use it to coach with us, somewhere else, or just want to learn for the fun […]

  • May Athlete of the Month: Erin Walsh

    May Athlete of the Month: Erin Walsh

    Erin Walsh has been an integral part of the Solcana community for many years now. We are so honored to have her as athlete of the month. We absolutely love her strength and kindness inside and outside of classes. Outside of Solcana she enjoys potlucking with friends, singing karaoke, paddling any water, or skijoring with […]

  • Solcana 2022 Invitational Final Results

    Solcana 2022 Invitational Final Results

    We did it! The Solcana 2022 Invitational is a wrap. Huge thanks and applause to all who took part! Before we started the Invitational a number of people expressed worry about doing it. Worry that they might not “do well” or that they’d “let their team down.” What I saw during the Invitational was those […]

  • April Athlete of the Month: Lennon Sundance

    April Athlete of the Month: Lennon Sundance

    We are so excited to announce Lennon as our Athlete of the Month! Lennon has been a dedicated athlete for almost 2 years now. She does things her own way, always stays true to herself, and lives a vivacious life outside of the gym. We love Lennon for always speaking her truth and continually showing […]

  • Invitational Workout #5

    Workout 5: Compete 1 For Time 30 Box Jumps (24/20”) 4 Rounds:12 Deadlift (95/65)12 Push Press (95/65)24 Sit-ups 30 Box Jumps  Time cap 14 min Workout 5: Compete 2 For Time 30 box jumps or 15# weighted step-ups (20”) 4 Rounds:12 Deadlift (75/55)12 Push Press (75/55)24 Sit-ups 30 box jumps or step-ups Time cap 14 […]

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