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  • February Athlete of the Month: Annie Walsh

    We’re excited to announce Annie Walsh as our February Athlete of the Month! Annie is a cherished athlete at Solcana, and her diligence and intentionality doesn’t go unnoticed in class. She brings a calm and encouraging energy to every class, and we’re happy to see her continue to improve as an athlete. Read more about […]

  • The 2023 Invitational Programming Cycle

    The 2023 Invitational Programming Cycle

    Welcome to the Invitational Cycle. We are shifting gears and have lots of fun, exciting challenges ahead of us. In Group Fitness, we are moving away from progressive lifting and toward a wider variety of challenges to stimulate development of our broadest range of physical ability. We continue to offer a wide range of focused […]

  • Coach Spotlight, Garrett Hoffman

    Coach Spotlight, Garrett Hoffman

    Coach Garrett Hoffman started at Solcana as an athlete in June of 2016, began coaching a bit before the pandemic and then quickly became one of the hardest working and busiest coaches here. What does someone with this type of passion for coaching want you to do for a workout? Come find out on Tuesday, […]

  • January Athlete of the Month: Hannah Crippen

    We’re happily announcing Hannah Crippen as our January Athlete of the Month! Hannah brings a positive and friendly attitude to class, and has been committed to her workout journey since joining Solcana. We enjoy having Hannah as a member, and we can’t wait to see her continue to grow as an athlete. Read more about […]

  • Coach Spotlight, Hannah Wydeven

    Coach Spotlight, Hannah Wydeven

    Hannah built Solcana in 2014 and has been the owner and operator of the Twin Cities realest gym ever since. What does someone who has been more places in fitness than almost anyone else in the world think of when they want to do a workout? Come see for yourself this Wednesday, 12/21. Here’s more […]

  • Coach Spotlight, Amelia English

    Coach Spotlight, Amelia English

    Amelia began coaching at Solcana in 2016, which makes her one of our 3 most senior coaches. She taught yoga back when we had our own mobility space. Remember that? Come to class on Thursday, 12/15 to see how she blends a touch of yoga with a bunch of badassery. Here’s more about Amelia and […]

  • Coach Spotlight, Jenn Halvorson

    Coach Spotlight, Jenn Halvorson

    Jenn began coaching at Solcana at the beginning of 2022, but you will see that athleticism has been in her blood for a looooong time. You can experience some of her favorite exercises for yourself this Friday, 12/9. Here is a bit more about Jenn and her workout.  Where are you from? I grew up […]

  • December Athlete of the Month: Heejin Kim

    We’re happy to announce Heejin Kim as our December Athlete of the Month! She is a joy to have around the gym, and inspires many with her eagerness to learn and grow as an athlete. She is delightful and a much-appreciated member of our gym family. Read more about Heejin below! Coach Garrett F says, […]

  • Fall Challenge 2022 Results

    Fall Challenge 2022 Results

    💪🏽Results! People worked hard and we saw some amazing results in our focus areas this fall. We want to celebrate everyone’s successes and take a moment to appreciate what happens when we put our minds to something and take the steps to achieve it. The results below are for the people who signed up for […]

  • Coach Spotlight, Maxwell Poessnecker

    Coach Spotlight, Maxwell Poessnecker

    Max has been with us since 2016 and began coaching in May of 2021. You can expend your MAX effort during his workout this Thursday, 12/1/22. Here is a bit more about Max and the workout.  Where are you from? Page, NE a teeny, tiny town in rural Nebraska…about 2 hours west of Sioux City, […]