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Daphne S, 1000 Class Athlete!

Daphne came to Solcana in 2017 and has been a committed and engaged athlete here ever since. If you have ever worked out with her, you know that she is focused and works hard. And although her athletic outcomes are also super impressive, today we are celebrating her incredible efforts. Daphne has participated in 1363 classes and counting! Learn a bit more about Daphne and get psyched to do her celebratory workout on Friday, May 5th.

  • Where are you from? Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • How did you get started doing fitness stuff? 
    I was adamantly not a fitness person for most of my life because from what I understood it was just some kind of boring chore people did to lose weight. Then as I approached my 30s—with accumulating knee pain from many years and miles of biking as my only major form of movement—I started to feel like it might be cool to get strong someday. Eventually I found out about a weekly queer strength training class and it was instantly clear that it was really good for my brain and body. That ended, but when I moved to Longfellow I joined this gym I’d heard people rave about called Solcana and launched myself down an exciting path of being terrible at a ton of new skills, in public, multiple times a week. Obviously it was perfect and I loved it.
  • What is your athletic super-power? What is something you feel especially good at? Heavy deadlifting. I wouldn’t say I’m a natural athlete but I am good at standing in one place and trying extremely hard. 
  • What is the area you would most like to improve on? Many come to mind, but maybe overhead strength? Hoping to get that handstand push-up in the next decade or two.
  • What is your favorite thing about Solcana? Other than the many excellent pals and coaches I’ve been blessed to meet, I really appreciate the wide variety of movements and fitness flavors we get to sample. It’s never boring!

Daphne’s Workout

  • Check out Daphne’s custom workout playlist!!!
  • Why did you choose these exercises? I selfishly chose a couple movements that I feel like I enjoy more than most people (pistols and sumo deadlifts), plus push-ups to get some upper-body action in. (And Kira already covered burpee box jump-overs for her 1000-class workout.) 
  • What do you think people should focus on or feel with this workout? I would set a pace that allows you to keep technique in focus—all three movements reward a bit of attention to detail.
  • Any advice for someone about to do it? I would choose weight and variations that feel medium-challenging for the first big sets—tough but doable without much rest. Things should start feeling fast and fun as you approach the finish line.

The Daphne S

For Time:

Pistol Options
Push Ups
Sumo Deadlifts (75/95/135/185)

14:00 time cap

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