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Summer Programming Cycle, June 6th – September 4th

We see summer as a time when people are generally very busy making the most of nice weather: playing, sporting, doing yard work, etc. Our next programming cycle runs through summer–and our goals reflect our desire to support you having your very best summer.

One goal is to maintain strength while shifting focus to hypertrophy and building power. Taking time to work on the type of exercises that increase muscle mass and allow for more recovery will help us make greater strength gains later. Increasing our power output and functional capacity will help support us, as we are more active in the summer, giving us more energy for the fun things we are doing outside at this time of year. The programming will still allow for a lot of individual choice, but we will include body building sets, shorter rests intervals during strength, and higher rep sets throughout this cycle.

Another goal is to focus on good, strong, stable form and range of motion for all exercises. In the first 3 weeks of the cycle, we will focus on learning, evaluating and improving form. Newer athletes will add to their foundational understanding of technique, while more experienced athletes will deepen their understanding and refine their techniques. All athletes will be challenged to assess their range of motion and learn ways to make progress on areas that are incomplete.

Finally, we will continue to have a wide variety of movements featured in our workouts along with a few gymnastics and endurance elements that we will see frequently, namely running, handstands and pull-ups.

Similar to the previous cycle, we will have a test-in/test-out workout so you can see progress in a few areas from the beginning of the cycle to the end. We will do this workout in class on Monday, June 6th and as an option on Saturday, June 11th. You can also do it anytime on your own during open gym. The workout will consist of four separate mini-workouts or events similar to a Track & Field day. We will offer a banquet of scaling options so you will be able to match the challenge to your current abilities. Here are the events:

  • Accumulate 1 minute of Your Handstand Progression for time
  • Run The Block ~600 M for time (walk, row or bike options)
  • Max Reps Strict Pull-Ups (seated, ring row, banded options)
  • Max Reps Bodyweight Back Squats (X0.75, X1.25, other options)

We will try to move things around a fair amount during the week so that whether you are MWF, TThS or some other combination, you will see most of the movements over the course of a few weeks. However, we will repeat a few lifts week to week:

Front and Back SquatsStrict PressSnatch EMOM

I’m excited to create and do all these workouts with you and see some progress. I’m also excited to hear your thoughts and feedback. Bend my ear when you see me or reach out by email:

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