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  • Coach Spotlight, Jenn Halvorson

    Coach Spotlight, Jenn Halvorson

    Jenn began coaching at Solcana at the beginning of 2022, but you will see that athleticism has been in her blood for a looooong time. You can experience some of her favorite exercises for yourself this Friday, 12/9. Here is a bit more about Jenn and her workout.  Where are you from? I grew up […]

  • December Athlete of the Month: Heejin Kim

    We’re happy to announce Heejin Kim as our December Athlete of the Month! She is a joy to have around the gym, and inspires many with her eagerness to learn and grow as an athlete. She is delightful and a much-appreciated member of our gym family. Read more about Heejin below! Coach Garrett F says, […]

  • Fall Challenge 2022 Results

    Fall Challenge 2022 Results

    💪🏽Results! People worked hard and we saw some amazing results in our focus areas this fall. We want to celebrate everyone’s successes and take a moment to appreciate what happens when we put our minds to something and take the steps to achieve it. The results below are for the people who signed up for […]

  • Coach Spotlight, Maxwell Poessnecker

    Coach Spotlight, Maxwell Poessnecker

    Max has been with us since 2016 and began coaching in May of 2021. You can expend your MAX effort during his workout this Thursday, 12/1/22. Here is a bit more about Max and the workout.  Where are you from? Page, NE a teeny, tiny town in rural Nebraska…about 2 hours west of Sioux City, […]

  • Coach Spotlight, Jeffrey Garcia

    Coach Spotlight, Jeffrey Garcia

    Jeffrey has been a member with us since 2019 and is one of the newest additions to our coaching staff. You can experience his workout this Saturday, 11/26/22. Here is a bit more about Jeffrey and the workout. Where are you from? Spring Valley, NY How did you get started in fitness work? I was […]

  • The End of Year Programming Cycle, Nov 21st – Jan 1st

    The End of Year Programming Cycle, Nov 21st – Jan 1st

    With fall turning fully into winter, the allure of a cozy house along with an uptick in holiday activities can present some additional friction when it comes to showing up for exercise. The real kicker is that this is when we need exercise the most to stay strong and keep our spirits high. To help […]

  • Fall Challenge 2022 Test-In Results

    Fall Challenge 2022 Test-In Results

    Here are the Test-In Scores for the Fall Challenge. We will be comparing our test-out scores against these to see what kind of progress we are able to make. Feel free to send any updates or corrections to First Name Last Initial Hang Clean 2RM Push Up 3RM Deadlift 1RM Aaron T Adam Q […]

  • Fall Challenge / Programming Cycle, Sep 6th – Nov 20th

    Welcome to Solcana’s Fall Challenge! Our new programming cycle will focus on The Fall Challenge, where we get a baseline measurement for a few exercises at the beginning of the cycle, and then test those same exercises at the end of the cycle to measure our improvement. You can sign up for the official challenge […]

  • Summer Programming Cycle, June 6th – September 4th

    Summer Programming Cycle, June 6th – September 4th

    We see summer as a time when people are generally very busy making the most of nice weather: playing, sporting, doing yard work, etc. Our next programming cycle runs through summer–and our goals reflect our desire to support you having your very best summer. One goal is to maintain strength while shifting focus to hypertrophy […]

  • Welcome Coach Neesh!

    Neesh (Neeshie) Evans (They/She) Where are you from originally: Whiteland, Indiana What brought you to Minnesota: My Partner (Sterling) grew up in Anoka and we desperately wanted a new adventure. We chose Minneapolis because he had fond memories of growing up here, and I jumped at the chance to get out of Indiana.  How did you […]