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April Athlete of the Month: Lennon Sundance

We are so excited to announce Lennon as our Athlete of the Month! Lennon has been a dedicated athlete for almost 2 years now. She does things her own way, always stays true to herself, and lives a vivacious life outside of the gym. We love Lennon for always speaking her truth and continually showing up for herself.

The story of why Lennon joined Solcana: “I started Solcana as a last ditch effort to save my sanity the summer of 2020. It was way out of my comfort zone and terrifying – but the whole damn world was terrifying so I had nothing to lose. At 45, I hadn’t ever joined this type of a gym and had no idea what I was doing. Handstands? Are you kidding me? You want me to throw this heavy barbell over my head and do what???? I’m a stubborn one, so with the guidance and humor of the coaches and other members who put up with me,  I kept coming back, complaining, and loving it. I still hate Burpees though. No one can ever beat that out of me.”

She has seen some benefits in her life from coming regularly to classes. “I think it’s pretty damn cool that I’ve been so committed the past year and a half to this part of my life. It really has made me feel stronger, both physically and emotionally, and I never dreamed I’d ever look forward to working out. I can honestly say that coming here, taking care of my body, learning new things, and all the wildly different personalities of the community adds so much color to my life. I mean, I’m pretty colorful anyway, so that speaks volumes! 

“But on a serious note, having this community and routine focused on realistic bodies and attainable fitness has made a major difference in my mental health. I’ve made way better choices (can’t stay out too late! Have 9am class) and it has improved my energy and stress levels, depression and angst. Well maybe not angst.” Lennon says.

Coach Hannah has so many wonderful things to say about Lennon, “Lennon is so authentically herself in every way. When she first joined the gym she was so clear with me that going to the gym was not her thing and she wasn’t sure she would ever really buy into the whole gym thing. Now over a year later she is very much a gym person and comes at least 3x per week every week. She is one of our most consistent members and she goes out of her way to not miss a day.  On top of that Lennon just does things her way and I LOVE IT. If she feels like adding weight, she does. If she wants to skip something, she does! I love that she never apologizes for choosing what is right for her in the moment. Lennon is also hilarious and I love hearing stories about her wife the reincarnated old man farmer, her luscious flower garden, her tiny house or her kids on their early 20’s adventures.

“I also love that Lennon shows us that you can be a gym rat without being a total gym rat. She still loves to go out on the weekends to Memory lanes and drink beer and have fried food with her friends and then get herself in bed by 10 so she can make it to the 9 am on Saturday. She is such a great example of having fun and still doing what you need to do for your mental and physical wellbeing. Lennon you’re the best and I would brag to you in person but you would tell me to stop!”

Lennon added a little bit about her life outside of Solcana. “My wife and I have a tiny cottage in S. Minneapolis that is constantly being tweaked and reimagined. We are manically procuring the countryside-cottage-in-the-city vibe with large perennial gardens, metal and wood accents,  and too many bird feeders. Truthfully, our cute, but ungrateful, Boston Terrier and sassy, flippant cat run the house. They just allow us to take up some space.”

Coach Traci Says, I’ve recently gotten to know Lennon and love her sense of humor.  She is a lot of fun to have in class. I love the energy Lennon she brings. She works hard and gets it done her way.  She isn’t afraid to tell you how she feels and I love that. She also has the best tote bag!”

Coach Amelia, “Lennon joined in July 2020, a time when most folks weren’t going anywhere or seeing anyone. Lennon signed up, showed up and kept showing up. I’ve got such fond memories of getting to know her each in our taped out squares on the floor. Lennon has a self deprecating sense of humor and will bluntly tell everyone something isn’t for her body, and then go ahead and do it anyway. She’s always game to try weird movements and tell me exactly what she thinks about them.”

Another fun fact about Lennon: “You might not know it, but I’ve helped raise two semi-functional adults that are living their crazy, authentic lives to the fullest. They think it’s funny and cool that I have my “fancy” gym.” Lennon says.

Abby adds, “When I started working at Solcana, Lennon was one of the first people I connected with in class. Her energy made me instantly feel comfortable as she shared her true opinions about the workouts and life. When I asked Lennon to be athlete of the month, she immediately said no since she doesn’t love the spotlight. However, with a tiny push from past AOTM, Kacia, she realized she could inspire someone who doesn’t consider themselves a typical athlete or gym person. I love that she honors her needs in class and embraces exactly who she is!”

Coach KK says, “Lennon was very uncertain at first, and I loved watching her blossom into self confidence at the gym. She has an energy and quirkiness that makes every class feel more at home. She isn’t afraid to advocate for her needs, including her endearing inability to concentrate during instructions. I love working with her as an athlete, and recently we discovered we both live in tiny homes. Now we have even more to laugh about and it’s my favorite.”

Lennon, we all love you so much and are so happy you are part of our community!

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