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Which days of the week should I come? 

It truly doesn’t matter for overall health which days of the week you come. Each day you come you will always be getting a full body workout and you will be working on a skill of some sort.

Our programming usually runs in 8-12 week cycles. During those cycles, we will have various focuses and goals for our athletes. Examples of that could be, single leg work, 2 rep max bench press, or gymnastic skills. We will announce the beginning of programming cycles in our VIP Facebook group, in our newsletter and through blog posts. 

During certain cycles, some days of the week will be consistent. For example, every Monday you may work on front squats during that cycle. Other days of the week may change and not be consistent during that same cycle. If you come multiple times per week you will be able to develop these skills and work on the goals of each cycle. 

The only instance where the day of the week would matter, is if you are competing in a weightlifting competition or working on a one rep max in a certain lift. Most people don’t have these specific goals until at least 6-12 months into their training.

When you first start it’s really just important that you show up consistently, it doesn’t matter when.

Every membership has unlimited access to recess (aka open gym) where you can utilize the gym to work on a certain skill you want to improve if you have goals that you want to reach outside of classes.

Everybody has different goals, let us know what yours are and we can help you come up with a weekly schedule that works for you!


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