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Have you signed up for the Solcana Invitational? 

I sure hope you have! If you want to get right to it you can SIGN UP HERE

I’ve been asking a lot of people around the gym, and I often hear similar responses from those that haven’t signed up so I just want to clarify some things and hopefully encourage you to sign up.

Here are some responses I have heard:

I might not be able to make it one week

That’s fine! You’ll be part of a team, and each week your team’s lowest score will be removed. So, in the event that everyone does it but you, you’ll be fine. Your score that week will be removed and your other teammates will have their scores entered. If you are signed up for the Play category – any scores you want to enter will get entered but ultimately it won’t matter! Awards in the Play category are for spirit!

I want to do the Compete category but I can’t do (insert movement here) or I struggle with (insert movement here).

No worries. Each week there will be two Compete categories to choose from. Folks will get to try movements out and select the version of the workout that makes the most sense for them. Maybe you’re struggling with something like handstand pushups. Well, the Invitational is an opportunity to really truly test our skills. I’d rather see you do 5 handstand push ups that are really challenging than 100 push ups that don’t challenge you at all. 

I can’t come on Fridays.

We got you. You have until the end of Monday to submit a score. Saturday classes will contain an opportunity to make up the Invitational workout. There are also Sunday and Monday open gym offerings where you can do the workout. Multiple opportunities!

I am worried I’m going to let my team down.

The Invitational is about personal growth and personal challenge. Everyone is striving to do their personal best. As long as you’re doing that, you’re doing the Invitational in the spirit in which it’s intended. I don’t foresee a scenario where a team is so concerned about “winning” that they are upset by a teammate’s score. However, if that isn’t enough to sway your feelings – sign up for the Play category. Scores can exist in Play – but they also don’t have to. Just come and have fun. 

Did you read that last sentence? That’s the unofficial tagline for the Invitational. Just come and have fun! SIGN UP HERE

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