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Tag: athlete of the month

  • AOTM November 2019: Jenessa White

    AOTM November 2019: Jenessa White

    Congratulations to our Athlete of the Month: Jenessa White! I had to check several times to make sure that Jenessa had not already been athlete of the month, because she is such a huge part of the fiber of Solcana that it seems preposterous that she has not already gotten this nod. In the past […]

  • October Athlete of the Month: Aaron Rutzick

    October Athlete of the Month: Aaron Rutzick

      Aaron is so kind to everyone in the gym. He calmly comes in, cracks a few jokes, calmly kicks ass through the whole class, and calmly goes off to SAVE LIVES! – Coach Jeff Aaron will often talk about how fit and able other people are while being one of the most able athletes […]

  • September Athletes of the Month

    September Athletes of the Month

    Congratulations to our September Athletes of the Month, Rachel Peterson and Bruno Lima! Rachel Peterson is a superstar of the 5:30am class. She has worked quietly and consistently to build her strength and skills with very impressive results. When she first came to the gym, she had one of those kinda scary squats(!), but she […]

  • July Athletes of the Month

    July Athletes of the Month

    Welcome to July, it’s getting hotter and we have lots of summer fun planned for you, so get in here and enjoy the good company and the A/C! We are so excited to announce our July Athletes of the Month, and it’s been a long time coming for both of them: Pat McCann and Sasha […]

  • June Athletes of the Month

    June Athletes of the Month

    Happy June, everyone! So many reasons to celebrate this month: It’s summer, it’s Solcana’s 5th birthday, and it’s PRIDE month! This month we are recognizing two very special athletes, Ruben Soto-Acosta and Ry Macarayan! They are both inspiring people who have been working hard so give them a high five when you see them around! […]

  • May Athletes of the Month

    May Athletes of the Month

    Spring is finally here! Congratulations to our May Athletes of the Month, Katie Fritz and David Bradley!   Katie Fritz told us that she always saw herself as a solo exerciser before Solcana, but she took a chance on us and has been really putting herself into everything she does here. Coach Jerik says “Katie […]

  • April Athletes of the Month

    April Athletes of the Month

    Welcome Spring, and congratulations to our April Athletes of the Month, Pat Staiger and Margaret Perry! “Pat joined us after doing CF at another gym for a while, and once he tested the waters with us, he was hooked” says Coach Hannah. “He is now an integral part of our community and I can’t remember […]

  • March Athletes of the Month

    March Athletes of the Month

    Welcome to MARCH! It may look like a moonscape outside right now but the promise of spring is in the air! I am thrilled to announce our Athletes of the Month for March: Sparkle Jones and Martin Van Boekel!     Sparkle started with Body Adapt about a year ago and has shown SUCH consistency […]

  • February Athletes of the Month

    February Athletes of the Month

    Welcome to February! This month is short but winter is starting to feel long. This time of the year I’m grateful for the warmth and sweaty cameraderie inside of the gym, as well as bright sunshine when the temps are frigid. It’s also time to announce our February Athletes of the Month, Katie Paro and […]

  • January Athletes of the Month

    January Athletes of the Month

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! All of you athletes are the reason we are here, and we’re thrilled to be on your journey with you for another year. Thanks for lighting up these rooms with your energy and your sweat and hard work and for making Solcana such a special place! Congratulations to […]