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  • Solcana Powerlifting Meet

    We are holding a Powerlifting meet at Solcana on September 13th, 2014. Weigh-ins starting at 8 am, lifting starts at 10 am. This meet is intended for newbie lifters who have attended 1 or zero powerlifting meets in the past. The meet will consist of the deadlift, bench and back squat. There is room for […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 6: I Have a Confession

    Well, we have offish entered the second half of summer. I know, you guys. I’m just as sad about it as you are. Especially since I’m writing to you fresh from returning from 5 days of vacation on Madeline Island. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated after 5 glorious days of sunshine, dogs, Lake Superior, […]

  • Kipping Clinic!

    July 20th Kipping clinic 10am-11am Butterfly Kipping clinic 11am-12pm $15 for members, $20 for non-members Have you been wondering how to string pullups together? The solution is the kipping pull-up. Kipping takes practice, lots and lots of practice. It is difficult to teach yourself how to do, so why not get some top-quality instruction? Solcana […]

  • Low Fat Doctrine Part III: Argument By Aphorism

    In Parts I & II of this series I examined the origins of the Low Fat Doctrine, how it came to dominate our thinking on diet and health, and how it ultimately fell under the weight of its scientific shortcomings. The next logical question would be: If the low fat diet is not an optimal […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 5 – Wait, What?

    Hi friends, Happy almost 4th of July! Hard to believe we’ve already reached this point of the summer. But, here we are. I have some exciting news to share this week…for one, I’m down 6 lbs from when I started with Solcana at the beginning of this month. Additionally, I wore a pair of pants last […]

  • 1 RM Week

    Next week we will be finding our one rep max for back squat, shoulder press and deadlift, on MWF respectively. For some Solcanauts, this may be the first time you have ever worked toward finding your heaviest single in a given lift. The 1RM is an opportunity to see how far you’ve come, to challenge […]

  • CrossFit To-Go

    A lot of clients e-mail me when they go out of town and ask “will you send me some workouts I can do while I am on the road?” I have a solution for you my friends. Introducing our “CrossFit To-Go” box. The box is located in the entry of the gym and it contains […]

  • Athlete Highlight: Emma Vasseur

    What made you decide to try CrossFit? Working in the wellness industry exposes me to a lot of new and exciting ideas about exercise, nutrition, holistic health, healing, self-care, growth and development. I had been hearing a lot about CrossFit for the past year or so. I have to admit, I was really skeptical at […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 4 – VLOG Time

  • Bye Bye Katelynn!

    This week we say goodbye to one of our athletes, Katelynn McBride, as she makes her way from Minnesota to the great state of Indiana to pursue her new career as Director of Career Development at Notre Dame Law. Katelynn has been at Solcana since we opened (all 20 days), but before that she was […]