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  • What Does it Mean to be Body Positive?

    What Does it Mean to be Body Positive?

    One of the reasons an athlete might make a switch to a CrossFit gym from their normal fitness routine is because they want to both feel and see a change in their body. Body-image is one of the most profound motivators behind fitness and health practices, but negative body-image also be an incredible deterrent to […]

  • Cigarettes Part II: How Not to Quit Smoking

    Consider the following lecture that might be given to a smoker by a concerned friend, relative, or even by their doctor: “C’mon Joe, do you realize what you’re doing to yourself? The facts are clear…lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema…the risk of all of these increases with smoking. You’re young now but in 30 or 40 […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 12: IT WAS NOT THAT BAD

    Hi friends, Allow me to thank you guys for your continued support and encouragement – even more so after last week’s post. So many of you reached out to me to tell me about your own experience with depression, and I was overwhelmed with how many of you simply said, “I read your blog and […]

  • Cigarettes: A Personal History

    Some recent blog posts on this site have reminded me that there are still CrossFitters who smoke cigarettes or are in the early stages of quitting. Even those of us who do not smoke have friends and relatives who do and who would like to quit. And you don’t have to be a healthcare professional […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 11:

    Hey friends, I’m sitting here, late Monday night, attempting to write this blog for you and I just don’t feel right writing about the workouts I did and the achievements I unlocked this past week because a little piece of me broke today learning about Robin Williams’ death and alleged suicide. If you don’t mind (and […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 10: Progress

    Hi, Friends. It’s week ten and I could tell you all about the week I had last week – a slew of early morning meetings and late night social engagements, open mics, and shows…but I won’t. You know what those kind of weeks are like so I’ll spare you the details. Let’s just say I […]

  • Carry Your Pack

    Carry Your Pack By Andrew Ranallo Growing up, I was the kid that scored three goals against my own team in soccer. When I played basketball, I was sort of a team mascot more than a someone you’d consider passing the ball. When it came time to run the mile in school, I distinctly remember […]

  • The Healthiest Place on Earth

    We remain fascinated by the idea that there are certain places on the planet where people live a very long time. Naturally we look at these places and ask, “What is it that’s different there?” “Why do people live so long?” “Can we somehow copy what these people are doing and live as long as […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 9: I Powerlifted!!!

    Hi buddies, Welcome to week nine! It was a big week this week – for the first time I went to Powerlifting Club on Saturday. I wanted to go last Saturday, but I got kind of nervous and scared about it, so I bailed after my 9am class. I know. I assure you I am judging […]

  • Athlete Highlight: Jim Larson

    What made you decide to try CrossFit? My good friend Jim Welsch knows how much I enjoy working out…he suggested I try the club…although I didn’t know what CrossFit was, I thought I should try it…I like a challenge and this is challenging. What is your biggest goal in the gym? My current goal is to master the […]