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  • My CrossFit Journey Week 17: I will. I am.

    Hi friends, Here we are again…week 17. I swear I have never done anything this long and the fact that I’ve been able to stick with this CrossFit thing continually amazes me. Fun also includes being down a total of 14 pounds so far. If you read Hannah’s post yesterday about measuring gains and losses […]

  • Measuring your gains and losses

    Most people rely on the scale to help track their weight – but is the scale a reliable measure? For a general sense of your body weight, a scale can provide an estimate for you to track large change over time. It also becomes important when we are looking at weight gain or loss in […]


  • Diane Challenge

    Our first gym challenge is coming up! “Diane” is a classic CrossFit “girls” WOD, featuring the deadlift and the handstand pushup. Good thing we have been working so hard to develop our handstand skills, amirite? A workout challenge is a great way to track your progress and work on specific skills to add to your […]

  • Listening to Your Body

    Listening to your Body Craig Nelson In trying to understand how we can best improve our health, our athletic performance, our overall sense of physical well-being, the Enlightened Hedonist will defer to what the scientific literature tells us is true. Unfortunately that scientific literature has only addressed a tiny percentage of potential questions that we’d […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 15: It’s Really A Community

    You guys, what a week. I had THE WORST day last Wednesday. Work stuff, life stuff, relationship stuff. You know, the usual. Normally, immediately after work on Wednesdays I find myself heading to comedy workshop and open mic at the Joke Joint straight from work since they’re both on the same side of town. But […]

  • Baseline Shout-Outs!

    Yesterday we attempted the Baseline! The baseline WOD is an excellent way of demonstrating body-weight strength, and is a great benchmark for your CrossFit progress. I wanted to give a shout-out to 5 athletes who made great progress on their baseline in only a short period of time. Give it up! Andrew M.     9:44      […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 14: A Crazy Thing Happened

    Hi Friends, Here we are, week 14. I’ll say it like I say it every week: thanks for sticking with me here. Your words of encouragement really help me on this quest even if I curse your name in the middle of burpees for it. All kidding aside, I continue to be grateful for this […]

  • Athlete Highlight: Kelly Hanson-Schaefer

    What made you decide to try CrossFit?   I’ve been working out for a while and I wanted to make the change to heavier lifting but still in a group environment.  Working out alone has never done it for me.  CrossFit was a natural choice.  Also, the chance to get in at the beginning of […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 13: Visual Progress

    FRIENDS! First of all, thank you for all of your kind words on my 13 week progress picture that I posted on Facebook yesterday (if we’re not friends, feel free to find me here) . I am still in shock about how different my face looks!!! It’s tough to see and acknowledge changes when you look […]