16-0421-SOLCANA-MOBILITY-LOGOAbout our Mobility Program

The Solcana Mobility program maintains its integrity through the shared values of our Solcana Fitness community: Commitment, Personal Accountability, Community, and Joyful Health. Our mobility program combines the joy and connection of a yoga practice, with the practicality of mobility for athletes. We focus on creating long-lasting change in the body through holding positions that alter the fascia and improve positioning. We believe the high-level strength and skill can only be achieved through a combination of stability and flexibility, and our mobility program is designed to service that belief.


10 class punch card = $120
20 class punch card = $200

Or, drop-in to a class for only $15



Group Acupuncture: Led by Amy Kuretsky and Kim Christensen, these 40-minute sessions focus on opening up points of relaxation and connection through acupuncture, and include a guided meditation.

Yoga Nidra: Nidra, or “yogic sleep” uses guided meditation to help you enter a fully relaxed state. This class, guided by Kate O’Reilly will make you feel like you have had 3-4 hours of restful sleep in only 60 minutes.

40 Minute Mobility: Longer holds of few poses intended to more permanently increase range of motion. Either done after a CrossFit workout or on its own during a rest day.

80 Minute Mobility XL: A mix of a a flow to warm up, followed by a few poses held for a longer time, ending with extended meditative seated poses or meditative shivasana. Expected to be done either after a WOD or on its own. Intended for both more permanent range of motion improvement.

Find our full schedule to find a class time that works for you

**All classes are open to all skill levels; please speak with your instructor if you have any special needs, injuries or concerns. 

Contact to sign up or learn more about us, or fill out the form below

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