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Category: Gym News

  • 2021 Solcana Invitational Wrap Up

    2021 Solcana Invitational Wrap Up

    Well, we made it! Five weeks of events and many, many more weeks of training to work towards them. So many PRs! So many expectations surpassed! Our first Invitational was a blast. It was so cool to see everyone push themselves to the next level. Let’s talk about event 5’s results. We wanted the final […]

  • Solcana Invitational Event 4 Recap

    Solcana Invitational Event 4 Recap

    We are in the home stretch! Great work everyone. Event 4 – wow what a ride! A lot of folks did not expect gymnastic movements – SURPRISE!!! We have been working a lot on handstands, grip strength, and our cores. We’re definitely primed for some bodyweight strength. For indoor we did handstand walk or hold, […]

  • Solcana Invitational Event 3 Recap

    Solcana Invitational Event 3 Recap

    WE’RE STILL AT IT!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Event 3 of the Solcana Invitational is done and WOW my pecs are sore. The bench press is something we’ve been working on for a long time. We wanted a pressing variation in the events, but with all the overhead stuff going on in the Turkish Get Ups, a regular […]

  • Solcana Invitational Event 2 Recap

    Solcana Invitational Event 2 Recap

    GOING STRONG! Event 2 of the Solcana Invitational was a doozie! Thanks to everyone who participated, you all rocked it. Those of you that did it know: The Turkish Get Up really is truly a full-body lift. On top of that, it tests your balance, stability, mobility, endurance, so many things! Shout out to everyone […]

  • Re-Opening Holiday Schedule

    Re-Opening Holiday Schedule

    We got word from the Governor yesterday that we can re-open. We can’t offer classes until January 4th, but until then we plan to offer open gym hours. Here is what you need to know about open gym: We can only have 4 people in the space at once to accommodate the 12′ rule. We […]

  • 30 day Pull-Pull Challenge!

    30 day Pull-Pull Challenge!

    The 30-day pull-pull challenge is guaranteed to get you feeling strong and EXCITED! 30 days to add 10+ lbs to your 3 RM deadlift, and 1+ reps to your strict pull-ups. Oct 26th – Nov 25th 3 Rep Max Deadlift Max effort single set Strict Pull-ups $59 registration fee includes: + 5 extra indoor classes […]

  • Fit From Home: JOY & CONNECTION Series

    Fit From Home: JOY & CONNECTION Series

    I am so thrilled to announce an addition to our Fit From Home program: JOY & CONNECTION with Lauren Anderson & Jess Finney Joy & Connection is a 12-week small-group program for people who are ready to break away from diet culture and embrace the awesomeness of their body. The program is COMPLETELY ONLINE so […]

  • Updated Membership Structure

    As we continue to experience the changes that COVID brings, we at Solcana are working hard to make sure our members get what they need and that our membership offerings reflect the needs of the greater community. We are moving to a new pricing model, and I want share it with you in detail so […]

  • Outdoor Barbell Classes

    With the stay-at-home order lifting May 18th, we are able to host small outdoor barbell classes. We are super excited to get our hands on some barbells again, and we are sure you are too. We are starting off slow, only offering a few classes per week so we can nail this process, and will […]

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Working Out in My Basement Next to the Water Heater

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Working Out in My Basement Next to the Water Heater

    In the past few weeks I think we’ve all realized that working out during a global pandemic is not necessarily ideal. Having a gym at your disposal has a lot of perks: You have a wide selection of equipment, high ceilings, you don’t have to worry about noise, and in Solcana’s case you have lots […]