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Category: Gym News

  • Schedule Updates!

    Schedule Updates!

    As we continue to rebuild after the last wild year and a half, our schedule continues to grow! We are adding more classes to our schedule starting this week, Oct 18th, 2021. Noon classes MWF in-gym with coach Garrett Ferderber 6:30 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays Trans Strength is back!!! Saturdays 9 am with coach Garrett […]

  • New Member only Fit From Home Portal

    New Member only Fit From Home Portal

    We wanted to let you know that we are changing the schedule for our virtual classes Oct 18th The good news is that we are making our recorded classes easier to access than ever before. Now, our recorded classes can be accessed the same day, or you can access a back-log of classes through our […]

  • Fall Challenge

    Fall Challenge

    Fall is here! September means that we are diving head first into our Fall Challenge. This year, we are focusing on two barbell movements, and one bodyweight strength movement. The challenge is: + 1 rep max clean & jerk, + 2 rep max bench press + max set of strict chin ups This total combines […]

  • Vaccine Required at Solcana

    Vaccine Required at Solcana

    Solcana is now requiring proof of vaccine for all members. We are asking members to submit their vaccine status to us by September 13th, 2021. Please complete the below google form and upload a photo of your vaccination card. After the deadline we will reach out to you to let you know to complete this […]

  • COVID Community Updates

    COVID Community Updates

    Hey Solcana Family! We appreciate this community so much for being so supportive of all the changes over the last year. Over this last month, we have loved circling up with you before class, seeing your smiling faces, and doing partner workouts together again. Great news! Those things are going to continue right now! We […]

  • Powerlifting is Back!

    Powerlifting is Back!

    Starting Saturdays from 11a-1p coaches Michael Sampson (he/him) and Jenn Schaal (she/her) will be offering Powerlifting Club! Powerlifting club is open to EVERYONE, and we highly encourage you to attend this time if you are interested in learning more about the sport of powerlifting. Powerlifting is Bench Press, Back Squat and Deadlift. Often, members of our […]

  • Meet Abby Bollum

    Meet Abby Bollum

    Welcome to the team Abby Bollum! Abby is our client services admin so she is the go-to person for any and all membership and client experience. She started with us this week and we just wanted to take a second to introduce her to you! Easiest ways to contact Abby: Or text (612) 808-0252 […]

  • Virtual Classes are now called Fit From Home

    Virtual Classes are now called Fit From Home

    Upcoming Changes to Solcana Virtual and Fit From Home For over a year we have been offering an at home version of Solcana Fitness with our Solcana Virtual programming. Last summer we began offering a small group fitness experience with our Fit From Home program. Both of these programs have been wildly successful and many […]

  • What We’ve Gained from the Pandemic

    What We’ve Gained from the Pandemic

    As Minnesota vaccination rate reaches nearly 70%, and the potential for a “normal” fall is in our sights, we are left reflecting on all of the changes that have taken place at Solcana in the last 15+ months. The pandemic has taken a huge toll on every small business, but it has also brought us […]

  • Safety Protocols at Solcana

    This month is filled with fear, anxiety and anger as we and the world watch the Derek Chauvin trial unfold. The city collectively continues to mourn the murder of George Floyd, and call for some semblance of justice, with the trial, with policing in general and with the fate of the memorial on 38th and […]