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Category: Blog

  • The Low Fat Doctrine Part II: The Dissenters

    The Low Fat Doctrine Part II: The Dissenters In Part I of this series we explored how the Low Fat Doctrine (LFD) came to dominate our thinking on diet and health. By the end of the 20th Century the idea that a healthy diet restricted fat consumption was largely unquestioned in mainstream biomedicine and in […]

  • My CrossFit Journey Week 3 – Yeah, I Do CrossFit

    They say if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. While I haven’t done 21 workouts at Solcana yet, this week marks week three of me going consistently! This is big progress, people. I’m going to celebrate this win. Last week, I was so excited when my pal (we’ll call her J) […]

  • #6weekskills

    Next week Monday we are launching #6weekskills, our awesome gymnastics mini-wods that you can do every week by following us on our Instagram account @SolcanaCrossfit. 6 Week Skills is your chance to work on additional elements that you have always wanted to be able to do; handstands, pullups and planches to name a few. Each […]

  • The Low Fat Doctrine: Part I

    The Low Fat Doctrine: Part I

    The Low Fat Doctrine: Part I Craig F. Nelson, MS, DC There are few cultural concepts as enduring as powerful or as consistent as our current notion of what constitutes a “healthy diet.” Ask 100 people to describe a healthy diet and chances are pretty good that most will give a similar response. Look at […]



    Hi Friends! Welcome back to episode two of Days of Jenn’s CrossFit Life. Big news this week. I SURVIVED! I’d like to thank Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle for always having my back, but especially this week. Let us pray: But seriously, you guys. I’m really proud of myself. I managed to make it to my […]

  • Yoga for You

    Our Yoga class with Coach Wendy Hurd starts this week, and I am super excited to get my namaste on. Yoga is an excellent counterpart to CrossFit because though both require intention and purpose in movement, our yoga class offers the opportunity to move a little more slowly and restore some balance to your body. […]

  • Craig Nelson: The Snake Oil Problem

    The Snake Oil Problem Craig F. Nelson, MS, DC We are all familiar with the concept of the snake oil salesman: A purveyor of fraudulent remedies or cures. This term derives from the 19th century when itinerant salesman roamed the countryside selling cure-all patent medicines, some of which purported to actually contain snake oil. But […]

  • My CrossFit Journey – Week 1

    Hi, folks. We probably haven’t met yet because I’m new around these Solcana CrossFit parts. My name is Jenn Schaal, and I’m going to be swinging through here weekly giving you an update on what it’s like to be brand new to CrossFit – from the workouts to the coaches to the deep digging I […]

  • Mobility Class

    The mobility class starts tonight at 6:30 pm. Why am I so pumped about this class? Because, in order for you to reach your full potential as a Solcanaut, you must be mobile. No, I am not talking about just plain ole stretching, I am talking about functional mobility that you can access at any […]

  • The First 6 Weeks

    The First 6 Weeks

    Our first 6 weeks of programming is going to include 3 days per week of strength-building foundational lifts, and 3 days per week of technical work on the Olympic lifts. Even if you don’t know much (or anything) about what these lifts are, you can still stay ahead of the game by planning ahead. Here […]