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Category: Blog

  • Invitational Event 3 Results

    Invitational Event 3 Results

    SO STRONG! Amazing job everyone. Not all of us expected a raw strength event, but everyone rose to the occasion and all the front squatting we have done this cycle paid off big time. Tons of PRs across the board! Great work everyone. As you saw on the scorecards, this event was scored as a […]

  • Invitational Event 2 Results

    Invitational Event 2 Results

    AMAZING What a burner! Event 2 tested our legs AND our lungs. Lots of people really dug into this one. Very exciting to watch. The top 10 individuals for this event were as follows: 1 Ryan Horstman 2 Garrett Ferderber 3 Hannah Wydeven 4 Ewan Scotto 5 Katie Fritz 6 Collin Arnett 7 Jenn Halvorson […]

  • Invitational Event 1 Results

    Invitational Event 1 Results

    Wow! What a great start to the 2022 Solcana Invitational. That workout looked SPICY. Not only did we put our gymnastic skills to the test with our pushing variations, but we tested strength, speed, and technique with the snatch. I saw numerous PRs and at-the-buzzer moments – it was so exciting! I’m looking forward to […]

  • March Athlete of the Month: Patrick Schwinn

    March Athlete of the Month: Patrick Schwinn

    We are so excited to announce our March Athlete of the Month: Patrick Schwinn! Patrick is such a joy to be around, an integral part of Solcana and the 6AM class community, and truly engaged and invested in their time here. We asked Patrick, why did you join Solcana? He responded: “I wanted to begin […]

  • Have you signed up for the Solcana Invitational? 

    Have you signed up for the Solcana Invitational? 

    I sure hope you have! If you want to get right to it you can SIGN UP HERE I’ve been asking a lot of people around the gym, and I often hear similar responses from those that haven’t signed up so I just want to clarify some things and hopefully encourage you to sign up. […]

  • Membership FAQ’s

    Membership FAQ’s

    When do my classes start?Your billing cycle is the start of your monthly classes. For example, if your payment happens on the 27th of the month, that is when your monthly classes start. It does not go by calendar date.  What is the class cancellation policy? There is a 2 hour class cancellation policy. If you […]

  • Where does motivation come from? 

    Where does motivation come from? 

    Exploring what motivates you is a really important part of building any new routine. Asking the “why” is what will help you build meaningful habits that last you a lifetime. When you are new, your resolve is more fragile. Extrinsic motivation is needed. Your habits aren’t built in yet and it isn’t a part of […]

  • Which days of the week should I come? 

    Which days of the week should I come? 

    It truly doesn’t matter for overall health which days of the week you come. Each day you come you will always be getting a full body workout and you will be working on a skill of some sort. Our programming usually runs in 8-12 week cycles. During those cycles, we will have various focuses and […]

  • Why consistency is important…

    You may have seen our athletes in the 1000 class club and wonder how they did it. Start small, with your first 25 classes, then 100 classes, and soon enough that goal won’t seem so far away. What do we mean by consistency? You don’t have to come to the same day and time every […]

  • February Athlete of the Month: Kacia Lee

    February Athlete of the Month: Kacia Lee

    We are so honored to announce our February Athlete of the Month: Kacia Lee! Kacia is a dedicated Fit from Home Athlete and we are so excited to feature her this month! Kacia wanted to keep it real here: “I don’t feel like an athlete, but I do feel like a person who has been […]