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Schedule Changes & The 2023 Spring Programming Cycle

For the Spring Cycle we will focus on stability, hypertrophy, mobility, technique and endurance. Since Fall ’22, we have practiced very high intensity strength and metabolic conditioning. If we want to continue to improve in those areas, we have to take time to recover and add variety to our exercises. By focusing on these other facets of fitness we are building a broader base of support for our future.

As always, you are the ultimate authority of what you want and need from your valuable time. You can always adjust numbers and go heavier or faster if that path is what calls to you. We also have some exciting new class offerings that might scratch the heavy and high intensity itch for you. Read on.

To measure our progress, we will test-in to 4 different mobility focused challenges on Monday 4/17 and Saturday 4/22. You can also test-in anytime during open gym. The goal of testing-in is to get a repeatable measure so that we can see how much improvement we are able to make. You are comparing yourself now with yourself after some focused mobility work. Here are the tests and what they are trying to measure:

Sit and ReachHamstring Length, Back Flexion
Overhead :30 Double DB/KB HoldOverhead Mobility and Stability
Narrow Squat Depth / Pistol DepthAnkle, Calf, Knee Mobility
Split Squat 5 Rep MaxHip Extension, Pelvis and Core Stability

Click here for a video of the goals and tests

We will use a combination of active resistance stretches, smashes and muscle isolations to improve our mobility and stability. We will have these on heavy rotation during warm-ups throughout the cycle.

Click here for a video of the mobility focused warm-up exercises.

We will focus on hypertrophy and endurance in how we approach strength work and metcons. For strength, we will do higher reps at lighter weight and use EMOMs and supersets more often This will help us to recover fully while also achieving muscle and technique gains. For endurance, we are thinking as much about our supportive muscles and core as we are our hearts and lungs. We will see a wide range of movements in varying lengths for metcons. We will also add holds, heavy lifts and rest intervals to our metcons to build the many aspects of endurance.

This cycle we will not repeat lifts on specific days of the week. Let us know how that goes for you and know that specific, focused strength gain goals will make a prominent return this fall. AND, read on to see how we are continuing to give you ample opportunities to make gains.

New Classes!!!

Beginning on Monday, April 27th of next week, we are offering a few different specialty programs in the Vulcana room during the 4:30pm class times. These additions are in direct response to what members have been telling us they want more of and we’re super excited to showcase some of our amazing coaching talent. Sign up for these classes on Wodify just as you would any other classes.

Advanced Skills
Coach Jenn
Olympic Weightlifting
Coach Kk
Advanced Skills
Coach Jenn
Olympic Weightlifting
Coach Neesh

Olympic Weightlifting

Snatch, Clean and Jerk: some confusing and simple names for what could be argued as the most technically demanding lifts around. Our expert coaches will guide athletes at any level to better technique, form, strength, power and confidence in the Olympic Lifts. This class is a great choice for anyone wanting to reap the amazing benefits that practicing these lifts gives whether you desire to feel a little more able during workouts or are preparing for a meet. And speaking of a meet…

Join us on June 10th, 2023 for our Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Meet. Need something to motivate you for the next month or so? Why not participate in a fun and supportive weightlifting meet that embraces athletes wherever they are at in their journey? The Beginner Meet is the perfect way to try out something like this and our Olympic Weightlifting Classes are the perfect way to prepare for it.

Click here to learn more.

Advanced Skills

Our Advanced Skills class is perfect for any level of athlete looking to take their fitness abilities to new heights. This class will help you feel more confident when taking on dynamic movements, gymnastics, heavy lifting and high-intensity workouts. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Coach Jenn will help you make progress in advanced skills such as handstands, wall balls, weightlifting, push-ups, pull-ups, muscle ups, jump rope, toe to bar, etc. The classes will feature a mix of instruction, practice, focused strength and high intensity work, so you will be sure to get a great workout while building your abilities. Start making progress toward your goals, no matter your starting point!

Your feedback makes our programming better. Please share your ideas and experiences any time.

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