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2023 Invitational Recap and Event #5 Results!!!

The 2023 Solcana Invitational has come to a close. We saw a lot of different movements in a lot of different kinds of workouts. We got to choose from a wide variety of challenges, and we got to experience ourselves as athletes in new ways.

Takeaways / The Invitational Zodiak

The Invitational is not about finding a winner. It’s about learning about ourselves and connecting with each other through chosen challenges. With that in mind, we can look at our accomplishments to find out how best to grow as athletes.

*Please note that these comments are for entertainment and athletic insights only and should be taken (or left) as you see fit.😉

Did you…

..avoid the Invitational Workouts?

Then you made good choices with a lot of self knowledge. Even the idea of scrutiny, counting or judging around exercise can be triggering. If you felt that some part of The Invitational events was a threat to your connection to exercise, then opting out might have been your best option.

…do the Play category every time?

Then you are a CUSTOMIZER! You made great choices for your body. Working to a set standard can be a good way to find out how strong we are, but customizing workouts to our exact needs is often safer and more enjoyable. You might have wanted to challenge yourself more than a category would have by mixing elements. In this case, you care more about your experience than a number to show to others and that is a brave choice with its own immense value.

…have high scores for your category?

Then you are a SPEED DEMON! You like to move fast and feel strong. It’s possible that there were limits that kept you from a more challenging category, and those are things to work on for next time. Sometimes we also just want to move fast with challenges that feel more comfortable, which is a valid choice. No one came first in their category all the time, so we all found a few opportunities for improvement.

…have scores in the middle of your category?

Then you are a PATIENT BUILDER! It takes great self knowledge and wisdom to work within your means. You pushed your limits with difficult challenges while also making safe choices. You are lucky that you have lots of athletes around you to inspire you. You have likely found unknown strengths and surprising challenges. You will continue to grow and learn from your experiences.

…have low scores for your category?

Then you are a GIANT SLAYER! You took on massive challenges and cared more about seeing what you could do than about a score. This ambition will keep you engaged and growing as an athlete as long as you commit to high quality movement and safety.

Athlete Shoutouts / Spirit of the Invitational Award

While it is tempting to once again call out individuals for their efforts, this week we just want to honor all of you for your wisdom and diligence during The Invitational. Thank you for making it really special and taking care of yourselves in the ways you needed to. The spirit of connecting to exercise and each other was held really high this year. Thank you for showing up so fully for yourself and all your Solcana teammates!

We would like to call out Kaitlin B and honor her with The Spirit of the Invitational Award. Here’s what some of our coaches said:

“She is such a good cheerleader and willingly judges every single round. She’s always very attentive to asking how athletes want to be cheered on.”

“She’s on my kickball team and is such a great cheerleader there too!”

“Kaitlin was there for everybody at every chance she had. Personally she scored for me and cheered me on when I wasn’t really sure I even wanted to do the workout. She kept me motivated and pushing long past when I was thinking I would be done. She is so positive and supportive!!”

Kaitlin carefully asked herself and those around her what they wanted and then threw herself into making The Invitational the best it could be for herself and others. We celebrate Kaitlin and all of you for your immense outpouring of spirit!

Event #5 Results

What a way to round out the events this year! Event #5 checked a lot of boxes and got us all breathing really, really hard.

Errors department:


ShannonK184 Reps
SarahS134 Reps
RachelM102 Reps
LeviW87 Reps
KrisD96 Reps
IreneW102 Reps
HannahC130 Reps
ArneeM60 Reps
AnnaleeT106 Reps

Sun (TAH, 20#)

RahH100 Reps
ToriR098 Reps
DiverV083 Reps
AnnaS082 Reps
TawakoniS078 Reps

Moon (TAH, 30#)

CollinA121 Reps
MikeG121 Reps
AnnieW107 Reps
KatieF106 Reps
BillyS103 Reps
AllisonH101 Reps
DanielS-R096 Reps
JessicaT080 Reps
BadeT079 Reps
JackieH078 Reps
JeffG076 Reps

Planet (T2B, 35#)

EllyF119 Reps
JulianM105 Reps
LisaP104 Reps
TeresaH099 Reps
AmeliaE094 Reps
JonathanP094 Reps
DaphneS081 Reps
JaredF076 Reps
MollyH067 Reps

Comet (T2B, 50#)

RyanH122 Reps
GarrettF122 Reps
NateA108 Reps
JennH102 Reps
EwanS091 Reps
SamT086 Reps
JeffL085 Reps
BradleyM082 Reps
RileyH078 Reps

Thank you for all the sweat and good memories, Solcana Athletes!!!

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