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April Athletes of the Month: Marcia and Yasmina Moore!

We’re excited to announce Marcia and Mina as our April Athletes of the Month! Marcia and Mina are cherished athletes at Solcana, and both bring positive vibes to every workout. Marcia always brings an incredibly encouraging energy to the gym, and we admire Mina’s diligence and intentionality in and out of class. Read more about the talented mother-daughter April Athletes of the Month below!

Coach Neesh says, “OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! I can’t say enough! Mina and Marcia both are ALWAYS willing to learn and receive feedback. Marcia is ALWAYS on energy level 10 and ready to have a blast. I love the way she encourages others, and dances in class.”

“Mina always has a positive attitude when she steps into the building and it is contagious. Mina tries her hardest when she is in class and is always looking for ways to challenge herself.”

Coach Garrett F adds, “I mostly get to workout next to them, but I would love more opportunities to coach them. Mina is so focused and diligent with her movements and really seems focused on learning. She is inspiring to me as an athlete.”

“Marcia never misses a chance to celebrate others’ achievements and brings a sense of fun and amazement to what we are doing that is positively infectious.  It has been a real pleasure to be around them these past few months.”

Marcia fills us in on her journey at Solcana, the coaches, and what motivates her: “I absolutely love coming to Solcana. I can be my true “loud and goofy” self with no judgment. I love the way the classes are structured so you have an idea of what to expect with no surprises. I also love that the coaches actually take the classes which gives you an opportunity to get to to know them in a different role….and then there’s Neesh!!! Love her!”

“Small accomplishments keep me going towards bigger goals! My purpose for joining was to improve my health, which was neglected during the pandemic. I’ve met the goal of 25 classes since joining in December! I’m getting stronger and more confident in my abilities.”

Mina’s Solcana journey started with an interest in personal training, but she shifted to group fitness and hasn’t looked back! “I began my journey by submitting an online inquiry after hearing about Solcana from a good friend. I was initially interested in personal training and requested Neesh after reading her amazing bio! After a few fun and friendly conversations, we decided that group fitness would be a great option for me, and I went to my first class in early December of 2022.”

Mina talks motivation and goals: “I have a few motivators when it comes to getting to class: Neesh’s infectious enthusiasm, learning about other people via the question of the day, my mom, Marcia, being a great “accountabilibuddy,” and the satisfaction of a good old fashioned sweat are all reasons to get myself out of bed and into the gym. I also suffer from bipolar disorder and have found mindful movement to be great therapy.”

“I haven’t been focused on any particularly large or overarching goals yet, but I do try to make it to Solcana three days a week. I’m not even sure how many times I’ve met that goal since I joined, but I’m hoping it’ll get easier with spring on its way! I also would love to someday master a tall box jump, finally figure out how to “kip”, and complete a single Turkish get-up without feeling like I’m following an Ikea manual.”

Coach Hannah says, “Mina and Marcia are THE BEST. I love seeing them multiple times per week. Marcia always lifts people up and makes every person feel seen and special. Being in her presence is magical.”

“Mina is so intelligent and talented – she’s an accomplished musician! Mina and Marcia aren’t a package deal, they each have their own beautiful qualities, HOWEVER, we are so lucky to get to experience them as a mother-daughter duo. Their relationship seems so loving, and it’s just awesome to see them be there for each other in the gym.”

Marcia’s Fun Facts and Hobbies!

  • She was born and raised in a small town in Georgia with four brothers and a sister. She’s the baby of the family! 🙂
  • She enjoys spending time with her daughters and doing DIY home projects.
  • And she loves to work in her yard and come to the gym!

Mina’s Fun Facts and Hobbies!

  • She’s a natural creative, and loves to do crafts of all kinds (she might be a little bit obsessed with her Cricut machine), wood burning, and graphic design.
  • She’s also going back to school for graphic design!
  • She made her career as a singer-songwriter, but since the start of the pandemic has been exclusively working in the recording studio and has been really enjoying it!

Whether they’re together at the gym or doing their own thing, Marcia and Mina are two incredible powerhouses! We’re ecstatic to continue watching them meet their goals and grow as athletes at Solcana, and to keep feeling their positive and supportive energies!

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