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2023 Invitational Event #2 Results!!!

Congratulations on completing Event #2! You rose to the challenge.🌹With a long one and a short one behind us, I wonder what lies ahead. No matter the workout, the most exciting part will be seeing how you take it on. Here’s some highlights from last week.

Decades! Contest: Best Costume

The winner of this week’s contest goes to Sasha Y and her 90s Bike Messenger look for obvious reasons! First runner up definitely goes to Ewan! We’re excited to feature all the amazing team jerseys in our Team Spirit Awards next week.

Athlete Shoutouts

Event #2 was a mix of power, intensity, skill and execution. Lots of athletes chose to take on some big challenges with exciting results.

“Jonathan P did double unders even though they are a very challenging variation for him. He stepped up to a really difficult execution regardless of score. Super inspiring.”

“Allison H did the workout at 9 AM but came back to FNL because she was determined to get a better score (and she did!!)”

“Tori R did the workout at 7 AM and then got married at 4:30 PM the same day!”

“Erin W and Nate A absolutely nailed the execution on their workouts!”


Here are your results sorted by category.

Once again, if you notice an error, please let me know ASAP and I will do what I can to correct it.


ArneeM125 Reps
BadeT400 Reps
HannahC377 Reps
JeanO55 Reps
JulianM382 Reps w/ SU, 20#, 10′
MissyH327 Reps
RileyH396 Reps w/ SU, 20# 10′
TawakoniS175 Reps

Sun (SU, 10#, 9′)

JW599 Reps
HannahW511 Reps
SarahS403 Reps
KaitlinB392 Reps
RahH335 Reps
ToriR315 Reps
HannahG312 Reps
JessicaT277 Reps
RachelM252 Reps
MargotZ-P225 Reps
DiverV224 Reps
AmandaL126 Reps
SashaY107 Reps

Moon (SU, 14#, 9′)

CollinA624 Reps
MikeG621 Reps
JaredF505 Reps
MollyH485 Reps
LisaP470 Reps
AnnieW427 Reps
AlisonR397 Reps
JackieH387 Reps
JeffG387 Reps
DanielS-R338 Reps
DanW334 Reps
AllisonH326 Reps
AmeliaE302 Reps
AnnaS182 Reps

Planet (DU, 14#, 9′)

ErinW272 Reps
TeresaH218 Reps
SamT189 Reps
EllyF187 Reps
LaraF-S160 Reps
CateR144 Reps
JoshuaH133 Reps
KatieF133 Reps
MaxP95 Reps

Comet (DU, 20#, 10′)

NateA275 Reps
GarrettF238 Reps
BradleyM233 Reps
EwanS232 Reps
JennH224 Reps
RyanH221 Reps
JeffL180 Reps
JonathanP126 Reps

Great work everyone. Can’t wait for Event #3!!!

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