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2023 Invitational Event #1 Results!!!

Great work to everyone who participated in the Invitational workout last week. It was a long one and really allowed people to show some determination, stamina and strategy.

Team Contest: Best Team Name

The winner of this week’s Team Contest goes to Jonathan P, Jean O, Erin W, Elly F and Cate R for “As Many Rats As Possible.” Horrifying to some, hilarious to others, it really stands out! Congratulations. Click here if you missed the other amazing team titles.

Athlete Shoutouts

Each week coaches will call out to a few athletes that they noticed displaying exceptional grit, diligence or wisdom in their approach to the workout. As coaches it is our job and our joy to watch you bring your best to workouts. So, even if we do not call you out specifically, know that we see you and care deeply about your commitment to this practice.

“Dorea Ruggles. She f#*<ing slayed it today!”

“Elly used a weight that was outside of her comfort zone and she absolutely crushed it.”

“Mike Grewe… going hard to get every rep!!!”

“Hannah G is so tall that the ring rows were a huge challenge for her, and she did it with a big smile on her face.”

“Sasha was the only person in donut gear! XD”


Here are the results for individuals sorted by category. Note that it is possible to do some elements that are more challenging than your chosen category and still have a result in that category. The Play category is also an option for mixing and matching. We will do our best to add details for those who choose the Play option or go above and beyond their chosen category.

Scores come from many classes over multiple days. If you notice an error, please let me know ASAP and I will do what I can to correct it.


ArneeM188 RepsPlay
KatieH196 RepsPlay
RachelM358 RepsPlay
SashaY385 RepsPlay
SamT304 RepsPlay – planet plus v-ups
RahH288 RepsPlay 15#, 20″, savannah
AngelicaP220 RepsPlay: single leg squat instead of box jumps

Sun (20#, 14″ Step, Ring Row)

ShannonK377 Reps
AmandaL354 Reps
MissyH298 Reps
AnnaS286 Reps
HannahW281 Reps
JW270 Reps w/ 25# DB
MargotZ-P268 Reps
MollyH256 Reps
JessicaT254 Reps
LaraG252 Reps
MaryS251 Reps
HannahC250 Reps
MarisaF246 Reps
JeanO239 Reps
DiverV216 Reps
HannahG176 Reps

Moon (30#, 20″ Step, Savannah)

KatieF342 Reps
NessM309 Reps
DanielS-R301 Reps
AmeliaE298 Reps
LeviW295 Reps
MargaretP274 Reps
SarahS272 Reps
AlisonR268 Reps
AllisonH258 Reps
JeffG252 Reps
JackieH235 Reps
BadeT228 Reps
ToriR216 Reps
KaitlinB196 Reps
BirdieM144 Reps

Planet (35#, 20″ Jump, Chin Over Bar)

CateR292 Reps
JulianM288 Reps
EllyF283 Reps
JoshuaH271 Reps
JonathanP266 Reps
MaxP259 Reps
DanW256 Reps
LaraF-S252 Reps
LisaP239 Reps
MikeG233 Reps
TeresaH232 Reps
KiraH221 Reps
RileyH216 Reps
JaredF211 Reps
EwanS172 Reps w/ 50# DB, 24″ box

Comet (50#, 24″ Jump, Chest to Bar)

RyanH252 Reps
NateA248 Reps
GarrettF233 Reps
JennH220 Reps
JeffL196 Reps
BradleyM180 Reps

Great work everyone. We’re excited to see what you do during Event #2!!!

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