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March Athlete of the Month: Revalon Wesson

We’re excited to announce Revalon as our March Athlete of the Month! Revalon is in our Trans Strength classes and is an incredibly hard-working, dedicated athlete. They bring a great energy to class and is an appreciated member of our Trans Strength and Solcana community. Read more about Revalon below!

Coach Neesh says, “Revalon is a hard worker. They always come in with a positive attitude, a smile, and a drive to work hard. They are super ready to take feedback, and works hard to put their best effort forward.”

Sam V, a fellow member of Trans Strength, also uplifts Revalon: “Revalon was one of the first people I met at Solcana. They were so kind and welcoming. I didn’t have much experience with lifting and they were willing to help me learn form and encouraged me along the way. I’m grateful to call them a friend.”

Revalon details their start as a Solcana athlete: “I joined Solcana in July of 2022. I was searching for a queer-friendly gym and wow did I find one! I particularly had an interest in strength training, so the Trans Strength class was a perfect fit. My apprehension was high, but I quickly found the atmosphere welcoming and all the people I met to be kind and encouraging. My friends in Trans Strength bring out a silly and social side of me, so there is no doubt that I am finding myself comfortable and in good company.”

“Garrett and Neesh are inspiring people that teach me how to both push my body and to rest it. I love working on different powerlifting techniques with Garrett on Saturday mornings, and to say that I’m constantly amazed by Neesh’s athleticism and brilliant coaching every Thursday would be an understatement!”

Coach Garrett H adds, “What a gem! Revalon is a diligent and dedicated athlete. They approach training maturely, with a focus on their technique and ensuring proper biomechanics when lifting – they truly have the mindset of a lifelong lifter and athlete. They are also very coachable and set a great example for especially newer lifters in class. Revalon is also incredibly kind, generous, and a great addition to the Trans Strength community. I love having Revalon in class and can’t wait to see what they can accomplish in the gym as we continue working together!”

A Few of Revalon’s Favorite Hobbies!

  • Playing chess
  • Gardening
  • Video Gaming

“If you ever want to chat about chess strategy, plants, or the Legend of Zelda, I’m there for it!”

“I participated in the Fall Challenge last year and I was happy to see positive improvements in everything, and that measurable progress is very motivating! I am also very competitive–perhaps too competitive sometimes–and the drive to see that improvement is very satisfying! I am excited for what 2023 will bring as I continue coming to class. I look forward to Tuesdays because benching is one of my favorite things to do. One of my goals for this year is to be able to do a pull-up! At just under 5 feet tall, I aspire to be small but mighty!”

Revalon is a cherished member at Solcana, and we can’t wait to keep watching our March Athlete of the Month meet their goals!

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