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What’s Big Body Fitness Up To? 

I know, it’s the question that is on everyone’s mind! I’m Coach Kk, and I’ve been at Solcana as an athlete and coach since 2016. You may not have seen me recently, and that’s for lots of reasons, but the main one is my body. My body and I were having a tough time getting along for a bit, particularly related to exercise. 

I’ve always been a person who likes activity, be it outdoorsy stuffs, triathlons (though I hate running), cycling, weightlifting, etc. I just like it. Unfortunately, in many fitness spaces, something else often comes with activity. It’s the oft dreaded conversation about…. BODY WEIGHT. *Pause for dramatic effect* 

Solcana has always been a safe fitness space for me, from getting started in powerlifting and olympic weightlifting to working as a coach for teens, group fitness, various lifting classes and the beginnings of Trans Strength. And though I’ve always felt safe here, some part of me has still wanted to stay hidden. 

Recently, I decided that I was done hiding. With the support of some amazing athletes and Coach Hannah, I decided to carve out a space specifically for Big Bodied athletes. In Big Body Fitness (BBF) there are no requirements and no judgments. It is simply a space for us to workout as Big Bodied people, among Big Bodied people. In these classes we have a strong focus on building good form and reconnecting with our bodies. We find ways to move that not only feel good, but are functional and build foundational strength. And boy howdy, it feels dang good. 

What’s the programming like, Coach Kk? 

Glad you asked!! Each cycle, I take a look at the big picture goals of the Group Fitness and Strength classes. With that in mind, I create a similar focus specifically for bigger bodies. Last cycle, we focused on finding and strengthening the hinge position for big bodied people. This cycle, we are focusing on three areas: kettlebells, olympic weightlifting and strong person-esque workouts. It looks like this: 

“On Tuesdays We Kettlebell” w/ Coach KkOlympic Weightlifting w/ Coach KkSunday Funday w/ Coach Nikki

Each workout is designed with the big body in mind, and includes time to ask questions and receive feedback. We are a beginner encouraging space, with options to challenge you at any level, wherever you are mentally or physically that day. 

❤️Come check out Big Body Fitness, we’d love to share space with you!❤️

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