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Coach Spotlight, Jeff Lockhart

Coach Jeff Lockhart has been coaching at Solcana from the very beginning and it really shows in his classes. He is an extremely diligent and successful athlete. What’s his secret? Come do his Spotlight Workout this coming Wednesday, 2/8 and find out. Here’s more about Jeff and his workout. 

Where are you from?Urbandale, Iowa. It’s a suburb of Des Moines. Yes, Des Moines has suburbs.
How did you get started in fitness work?I started lifting weights in 7th grade with a small weight set in my mom’s basement and have been a gym rat ever since. Bodybuilding really took off in the 90’s so there was no shortage of magazines full of ‘roided up dudes to try to learn from. Lots and lots of single joint movements focused on hypertrophy.
When I finished massage school, I started working at Lifetime Fitness as a massage therapist and a personal trainer. That job stunk, selling people on “problems” with their bodies that I could “fix” if only they would buy a heart rate monitoring watch and a package of sessions with me.
At some point, I read an article about CrossFit. It sounded like something I wanted to try so I joined a gym. Eventually, I left that gym and Hannah invited me to be a part of the community she was going to be starting up.
What is your athletic super-power? What is something you feel especially good at?I think I might just be slightly above average athletically compared with other cis gendered men my age.
Where I really excel, though, is in my ability to physically suffer for long periods of time. I really enjoy long bike rides like the Triple Bypass out in Colorado. It’s a 120 miles over 3 mountain passes. I’m not fast but I sure can endure.
What is the area you would most like to improve on?My strength to bodyweight ratio.
What is your favorite thing about coaching at Solcana?I love finding a way to help a movement make sense for an individual athlete and their body. Watching that light bulb turn on for someone is so fulfilling. I also love when athletes feel successful in what they are doing.
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?I’ve been attending and coaching morning classes for a decade now. Secretly, I am really not a morning person. I really like ice cream.

Jeff’s Workout

Why did you choose these exercises?The Turkish Get Up is just such a weird movement. I feel like an old timey circus strongman when I do them. It really helps develop shoulder stability and range of motion at the same time. As far as the metcon, I really like barbell complexes, and the bear complex is my favorite of those.
What do you think people should focus on or feel with this workout?The Turkish Get Up and the Bear Complex both challenge the overhead position. People will need to pay attention to keeping a strong brace and neutral spine in a fairly dynamic overhead position.
Any advice for someone about to do it?All told, this will be a lot of time under load for people. That’s a real challenge for the central nervous system. Later in the workout, CNS fatigue could make you feel kinda shaky.
You’ll probably have a hungry day if you do this in the morning.



5 KB Arm Bar / side
5 KB Windmill / side
1 length Walking Lunge


Demo and Warm Up TGU with light weights


Turkish Get Up Ladder

15:00 Clock

3 TGU R + 3 TGU L

-Rest and Increase Weight-

2 TGU R + 2 TGU L

-Rest and Increase Weight-

1 TGU R + 1 TGU L

Rest then go back down the ladder [Total=3/2/1/2/3]


The Jeff L


Bear Complex w/ spicy interruption*

*every 2 minutes do 3 bar facing burpees over the bar

Bear Complex, 1 rep =
1 Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press to Back Rack
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press from Back Rack

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