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The 2023 Solcana Invitational Registration Is Open

Register HERE and read on for some exciting updates.

What is the Invitational?

The Invitational is a series of 5 weekly workouts we will do each Friday in March beginning on 3/3/23. The workouts are written in secret by coach Hannah and released the prior Thursday evening at 5 pm. 

The Invitational workouts will include a wide variety of movements and formats designed to test us in all areas of fitness. We always include many scaling options so everyone can choose appropriate and safe challenges. It’s truly built to be a fun and inclusive event, with some option for competition if you’re interested. 

You can do the workouts each Friday and Saturday in March during class times. You can also do them Sunday or Monday during Open Gym times. 

Friday evenings in March from 4:30-7 PM we will hold our annual Friday Night Lights events. Each night will have a theme and some fun activities in addition to running rounds of the Invitational workout.  

This year we are also providing a chance to preview one of the workouts as well as have a before and after style challenge. THIS FRIDAY, 2/3/23, we will be doing one of the 2023 Invitational Workouts. Come to class, try the workout and then see if you can improve on your performance during the Invitational!

Who should register and why?

We really encourage EVERYONE to register, even if you don’t plan to do a single workout, to take advantage of the fun community building opportunities this event provides. The Invitational is as much about having fun and making connections with the Solcana community as it is about working out. When you register you can opt in or out of joining a team or having your results published on the Blog. Registering also makes you eligible for some sweet PRIZES!

For people who are relatively new to Solcana, this is a great opportunity to form lifelong connections with amazing people. We’ve found that everyone who participates in The Invitational is extremely welcoming and really wants you to join in regardless of how long you have been here or your abilities. 

Who wins and what if I don’t want to let my team down?

This year teams will not compete against each other for ranks and there will be no winners for the workouts. There will be many opportunities for competitive motivation, but prizes and glory will be given primarily for fun.

We will display the results of workouts broken down by category. This will allow individuals to see how they did compared to everyone else who did the exact same workout.  We will not attempt to compare across categories or apply any leveling factors.

This year teams will “compete” for fun prizes like best team name, best team costume, best cheer squad, etc. Being on a team does not mean you have to be competitive in the workouts or necessarily care about the prizes. The workouts and teams are just vehicles for fun and connection. Take what you like and leave the rest!

What are the options for scaling the workouts?

This year we are offering 4 competitive categories plus the Play category. See below for details. You do not have to choose a category ahead of time and you can choose different categories for each workout as you like. You will simply choose your category when you do a workout.

We will encourage people to either choose the competitive category that represents the highest challenge they can do well and safely OR to customize elements as they desire in the Play category. You will have opportunities to play to your strengths AND to be challenged in new ways.

Category NamePlaySunMoonPlanetComet
Who?People who do not desire scrutiny or competition as part of their efforts or who desire to mix and match elements. People who prefer to modify for any reason.People who desire scaled movements and/or require lighter weights to do movements safely. This category should be accessible to ~80% of people.People in the middle of the strength spectrum who prefer scaled movements. Accessible to ~50% of people.People on the medium-high end of the strength spectrum who desire the most challenging movement options. Accessible to ~30% of people.People on the high end of the strength spectrum who desire the most challenging movement options. Accessible to ~20% of people.
Judging for Movement Standards?OptionalYesYesYesYes
WeightsAnyLightest (1)Medium Light(3)Medium Heavy(6)Heaviest (10)
Single DB/KBAny25303550
Heavy BarAny75105125185
Medium BarAny557595135
Light BarAny35557595
Extra Light BarAny22355575
Pull UpAnyRing RowSavannah BarPull UpPull Up/Chest2Bar
Push UpAnyBench Push UpPush UpHSPU/Push UpHSPU/Push Up
Box JumpAnyBox Step Up 14″Box Step Up 20″Box Jump 20″Box Jump 24″
Toe 2 BarAnyHKRToes 2 Low BarT2BT2B
Wall BallAny10# 9′14# 9′14# 9′20# 10′

!Register Now!

Our goal is to make The 2023 Solcana Invitational for everyone and to have everyone participate in the ways that feel good to them. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Click HERE to register.

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