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The 2023 Invitational Programming Cycle

Welcome to the Invitational Cycle. We are shifting gears and have lots of fun, exciting challenges ahead of us. In Group Fitness, we are moving away from progressive lifting and toward a wider variety of challenges to stimulate development of our broadest range of physical ability. We continue to offer a wide range of focused classes such as [Em]Power, Big Body Fitness, Powerlifting, Masters Strength and Trans Strength, to meet specific goals for our members. We also have some exciting changes in the Strength Class and the Solcana Invitational Events to look forward to.

Strength Class, now with Strong Person!

Strength classes will continue to focus on progressive lifting and strength building by providing a routine of big lifts, with the addition of Strong Person exercises! Strong Person is basically the sport of lifting heavy things and creating maximum power in short bursts.

MondayBench PressRows/Pulling, Yoke Carries, Pull Up Strength
TuesdayBack SquatLunge/Split Squat, Heavy Carries, Sled Push/Pull, Core Strength
WednesdayOverhead Press/JerkThrow/Toss, Overhead Stability, Upper Body Building, Muscle Balance
ThursdayDeadliftSingle Leg Strength, Hip Stability, Lateral Push/Pull

The Solcana Invitational 2023

The Invitational Cycle will culminate in The Solcana Invitational 2023, our annual voyage into turning workouts into community events that provide opportunities for fun, festivities and friendly competition. The Invitational will be held every Friday in March. The workout that day will have the option to choose a category. Competitive categories will have specific weight and movement standards that will hold athletes to a very specific challenge. The Play category will allow you to choose whatever options work best for you. The Invitational will also involve lots of fun and camaraderie for everyone including weekly fun prizes for things like costumes and fun names and Friday Night Lights where the community can come together to do The Invitational workouts together, cheer, enjoy theme nights, etc. 

The Invitational workouts will be a broad mix of exercises designed to test our total functional capacity. The programming for this cycle is designed to help us develop and grow this functional capacity. We will cover a balanced mix of strength, power, endurance, mobility, stability and skill. These are all the aspects of what it takes to get things done with our bodies in the physical world. 

Registration for The Invitational is completely free and will open next week. We recommend you try The Invitational, no matter how long you’ve been a member. It’s such a fun experience and a great challenge for any skill set. 

Registering will allow you to get put with a team for the fun prizes and also allow you the option to have your results published. Pretty much every aspect of The Invitational is optional and there will be multiple opportunities to opt in or out of various aspects of it. 

🔥This year, we are going to preview the final workout of The Invitational NEXT FRIDAY, 2/3/23. This will give us a little appetizer for the upcoming events and we also get the chance to compete against ourselves to see how much we can improve upon our initial performances.  


All of us at Solcana are super excited to experience new challenges and celebrate successes with you. We’re so honored to be part of your athletic journey and grateful that you continue to make yourself at home here.

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