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Coach Spotlight, Jenn Halvorson

Jenn began coaching at Solcana at the beginning of 2022, but you will see that athleticism has been in her blood for a looooong time. You can experience some of her favorite exercises for yourself this Friday, 12/9. Here is a bit more about Jenn and her workout. 

Where are you from?I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and moved to Minneapolis in 2004.
How did you get started in fitness work?As a child, I wrote workouts for my cabbage patch kids that strangely looked very similar to CrossFit style workouts. I started lifting weights in 9th grade, when I was the smallest player on the varsity soccer team and I wanted to not be the smallest. I was super into tracking my numbers and seeing progress and really just never stopped lifting weights. I eventually became a personal trainer at Bally. While working there, a friend introduced me to CrossFit and I was immediately hooked. Within 8 months, I was coaching and Bally was in the dust behind me. I’ve been coaching ever since (12 years).
What is your athletic super-power? What is something you feel especially good at?My athletic superpower is being strong and pretty good at most athletic endeavors.
What is the area you would most like to improve on?I’d most like to improve my gymnastics skills. I have a love/hate relationships with muscle ups that is trending more towards the hate side as I continue to level up age-wise
What is your favorite thing about coaching at Solcana?I love the people that come to classes and the coaches I get to take classes from
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?No, I’m a woman of mystery and I’ve already said too much.

Jenn’s Workout

Why did you choose these exercises?Toes to bar are one of my favorite movements and I’m also rather fond of pistol squats which we have never done (as far as I know) since I joined this gym. The bike and row just round it out a bit.
What do you think people should focus on or feel with this workout?You’ll definitely feel this one in the legs and lungs
Any advice for someone about to do it?Don’t go out too hard on the first bike/row, try to move slowly but steadily through the first few bigger rounds and then speed up as rep counts drop, push the cash out



:30 assisted squat noodling
12 banded lat pull downs
:20 banded ankle distraction /side

Pistol Progression Practice


Back Squat

3×5 at 70-80%,

rest 2:00 between sets


Buy In:
500m row/1000m bike

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
toes to bar or tuck up
pistol squat option

Cash Out:
500m row/1000m bike

16 minute time cap; score = time

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