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Coach Spotlight, Maxwell Poessnecker

Max has been with us since 2016 and began coaching in May of 2021. You can expend your MAX effort during his workout this Thursday, 12/1/22. Here is a bit more about Max and the workout. 

Where are you from?Page, NE a teeny, tiny town in rural Nebraska…about 2 hours west of Sioux City, IA. Population 150 people
How did you get started in fitness work?Growing up on a farm and being an only child meant I needed to be strong and smart with my body – mostly so I didn’t hurt myself while working alone away from help. Outside farm chores, I also played sports in high school (volleyball, basketball, golf, cheerleading mascot) – I was even on the powerlifting team my senior year. Small town = you did all the things to have enough kids to make a team. I also played softball from t-ball up to college. In college I played rugby, then ended up coaching the women’s rugby team at MSU, Mankato while in grad school. Fitness has generally been a part of my life, however, even after playing on team sports – I never saw myself as an athlete until I came to Solcana. I joined Solcana back in 2016, right after I had top surgery, and haven’t looked back. Never would I have thought during that trial day with coach Jerik that I would be in his shoes one day.
What is your athletic super-power? What is something you feel especially good at?I def wouldn’t have said this a few years ago, but butterfly pull-ups. They’re so freaking fun and look really cool. When I was working through my PU progression, I had finally gotten to the point of doing kipping PUs…but for some reason they never fully clicked. One day, I was messing around on the bar and just did a butterfly pull up. After a while I could string them together…now onto muscle ups.
What is the area you would most like to improve on?All things oly and overhead. I had a wicked injury in college while playing rugby. I separated my left shoulder, which was never addressed properly. Because of that, my trap over compensated and left me with lopsided traps. Additionally, having had two top surgeries, and tons of scar tissue, my shoulder mobility is really crappy. I struggle to get under the bar quick enough, while letting my legs do the work. My body naturally just wants to rip the bar off the ground. So I feel I’ve really plateaued in terms of a 1RM.
What is your favorite thing about coaching at Solcana?The people, the community, the love we share for ourselves, our bodies, and one another. I love watching people accomplish things they thought weren’t possible – or movements they’ve been working really hard on. I love the fun and ability to not take ourselves to seriously. The camaraderie and pure joy this gym produces fills my cup.
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?I can make anything into a fitness game. The best start to a morning is a workout, coffee, and stomach-flattening 💩

Max’s Workout

Why did you choose these exercises?For those who know me – know I love incoorperating ‘fun’ into fitness. Additionally, I love parter activities. Turkish get-ups are one of my favorite movements, because they look so freaking cool and the feeling of accomplishment is *chef’s kiss.*

And farmer carriers – cause #farmkid
What do you think people should focus on or feel with this workout?Have fun. The workout will be a burner. Just when you want to set your weight down or break – squeeze another rep in. I love workouts like these where there is a clear end in sight – finish xyz – then done.
Any advice for someone about to do it?It’s a workout that is rooted in foundational movements. Make a plan, break up the reps – and stick to the plan. Give youself time to recover a minute or two before attempting your TGU. Therefore move through the metcon with intention and consistency.


Hungry, Hungry Hippos
Ask everyone to collect 3-4 items around the gym (light plates/dumbbell/kettlebell, markers, lacrosse ball, etc). Partner up. Each group will need a light band. All items collected can be thrown into a pile on the floor. Set cones out (1 for each group) to form a large circle. One partner will get in the band, while the other holds. The partner in the band will wear it around their waist. The partner in the band will stand at the cone. When you say go, the partner will jump towards the pile of items. The partner holding the band should be in a strong position, so they don’t accidentally let go of the band. The banded person has to jump to the circle, but can walk or jog backward after they’ve grabbed an item. Only 1 item can be grabbed at a time. Set :30 on the clock. Goal is to grab as many items in :30 as possible. Count up the items at the end of the round, then switch partners. Play at least 4 times so each partner gets to try both roles.


MAXeffort – 7 minutes

Farmer Hold

Find a challenging weight. Accumulate as much hold time within 7 minutes. Stand still or walk around.


MAXeffort – 20 min time cap

50 american swings
40 S.O.S. (slamball/sandbag over shoulder)
30 sit-ups
20 pull-ups
10 push-ups

Use remaining time to find 1RM TGU (both sides)

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