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Coach Spotlight, Jeffrey Garcia

Jeffrey has been a member with us since 2019 and is one of the newest additions to our coaching staff. You can experience his workout this Saturday, 11/26/22. Here is a bit more about Jeffrey and the workout.

Where are you from?Spring Valley, NY
How did you get started in fitness work?I was never athletic as a kid, I did one tragic year of Little League and gym class was always where I felt the most bullied and uncomfortable. Despite my resentment against what I thought sports was, I went on to try rowing in college, which gave me a taste of how good it can feel to move. Nevermind that I wasn’t very good – it set me on a path to really enjoying lifting and movement. After college, around 2014 I wasn’t feeling great in my body and began lifting seriously. And then found Solcana in 2019!
What is your athletic super-power? What is something you feel especially good at?I feel especially good at finding where “max effort” is and being able to push hard, safely. I also think I’m a really good squatter!
What is the area you would most like to improve on?I gotta work on those burpees, those are rookie burpees. I also want to work on my comfort level in planks and holding core positions, to protect my back and such!
What is your favorite thing about coaching at Solcana?It has to be the people and the welcome of all bodies, minds, and abilities. You don’t find that in nearly any other fitness space. It’s also a space where I’ve been able to safely talk about my own emergent queer identity and I really feel indebted to the community here.
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?I have Cerebral Palsy, which has affected my coordination from birth and given me a nonverbal learning disorder. Also, I am available for Dungeons & Dragons DM-ing.

Jeffrey’s Workout

Why did you choose these exercises?I wanted to pay homage to the old Ironmind programs I found on the internet when starting out! These are good schemes for testing max effort without max weight. I also love loaded carries and think they are fun and super-practical.
What do you think people should focus on or feel with this workout?“Breathing squats” are an old-school technique; basically, you’re taking a few deep breaths in between reps to recover. This is one dense, difficult set! For the metcon, take quick, short steps with your heavy weights to minimize bouncing.
Any advice for someone about to do it?Focus on a controlled eccentric to get the most benefit, then pop off the box! Take 3-5 breaths as the reps get harder. Screaming is optional but encouraged.


Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down (song is “Flower” by Moby) with slow, textbook bodyweight squats.

Every time you hear “Bring Sally Up”, stand up. Every time you hear “Bring Sally Down”, squat and hold until the next “up” Use a counterweight if needed!


Back Squat OR Box Squat (to 20 in. or bench):

Warm up to 1 x 10 at a challenging weight (around RPE 7 or 70% of 1RM).

Using the same weight, perform 1 set x 20 reps, taking as many breathing pauses as needed. Use spotters and go in heats.


Buy-in: 10 burpee broad jumps or scaled version

Then, Carry Medley:

1 HEAVY DB or KB farmers’ carry to corner & back (or 4 lengths)

1 sandbag or medball front rack carry to corner & back (or 4 lengths)

1 HEAVY suitcase carry to corner and back, switch in middle (or 2 lengths)

Cash-out: 500m row or 1000m bike 15 minute time cap

Score = time! swap out buy-in and cash-out or do in heats.

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