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The End of Year Programming Cycle, Nov 21st – Jan 1st

With fall turning fully into winter, the allure of a cozy house along with an uptick in holiday activities can present some additional friction when it comes to showing up for exercise. The real kicker is that this is when we need exercise the most to stay strong and keep our spirits high.

To help us stay consistent, the End of Year cycle will feature your favorite lifts, Coach Spotlight Workouts created by our coaching staff and a wide variety of functional fitness exercises to keep things interesting. 

Weekly Strength Programming

Here are the lifts we will be working on this cycle so you can plan your week. Either M/W/F or Tu/Th/Sa will get you a good variety of strength and technique. Of course, if you can attend 5-6 days a week, that is the best way to stay engaged and consistent. 

TuesdayOverhead Squat
ThursdayBack Squat

Introducing Coach Spotlight Workouts!

Once a week we will shine a light on one of our amazing coaches. You can learn something new about that coach and get hyped for their workout by reading the spotlight blog post. If you are looking for some fun, new, interesting challenges, get ready!  

Look for the first Coach Spotlight, featuring Coach Jeffrey Garcia, coming out this week with an accompanying workout on Saturday, 11/26. 


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