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October Athlete of the Month: Juliet Patterson

Juliet is our October Athlete of the Month! She is a highly-praised member of the Solcana gym community and carries a genuine and kind-spirited energy with her, inside and outside of the gym.

Read more about our October athlete of the Month, Juliet, below!

Coach Hannah says, “Juliet is my hero. She is an incredibly talented writer, a calm voice in a storm, and a reliable and loving friend. She fricking rocks in the gym. I have watched her overcome some big negative self-talk around fitness and now I see her embracing what she is capable of doing and not talking down on herself. She was my wilderness guide and helped me introduce my own family to camping, which I appreciated and needed so much! Juliet and Rachel are the kind of parents I aim to be.”

Coach Amelia adds, “Juliet has a quick wit and a big heart. She is so consistent in showing up, even on days when the moves aren’t her favorite. Her Question of the Day answers always elicit more questions from me; her life has been full of adventure, concerts, chopping wood for heat, travel, baking and embracing all of life’s emotions. Juliet is a poet/author/college professor who recently published a powerful book (Sinkhole! You should read it!). She took her 12-year-old on a hiking trip this past summer, having him train by carrying a few pounds in a backpack around the neighborhood. Way to put functional fitness to work! I am so thankful Juliet is part of the Solcana gym community.”

Juliet joined Solcana three years ago, at the age of 56. Even though she has been an athlete and runner for many years, Solcana is her first organized fitness practice. She loves the combined metabolic and strength training.

Fun Facts About Juliet!

  • She is a poet AND a writer (snaps to her!).
  • She recently completed her first book of non-fiction, Sinkhole: A Legacy of Suicide (Milkweed Editions, September 2022) *Link below!
  • She teaches creative writing and literature at St. Olaf College.
  • And… is also a faculty member of the college’s Environmental Conversations program.
  • She wants to master Thai cooking and skate skiing this year. 

Coach Max says, “Juliet is an absolute joy to have in class. Juliet (Rachel & Finn) are staples of Sunday Funday- always showing up to hold space for community…often baked goods in hand. One of my favorite memories of Juliet was during an outdoor workout last summer. We were doing penguin crunches and in the midst of the very grueling metcon, I hear Juliet squawk out her best penguin impression. I think my abs hurt more from laughing than the crunches. Juliet shows up with intentionality, determination, and sass.  She’s so freaking strong and FAST…something she might not admit, but is 110% true! Juliet is a huge part of the Solcana community, and continues to be an amazing role model. Juliet, as you’re reading this…I hope you can truly feel the love!”

Juliet lives in Minneapolis with her gym partner Rachel Moritz and her Taurus-driven, affectionate son. She loves the community aspect of the gym, and we love to see her get stronger and stronger every workout! You can find her book by going to:

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