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September Athlete of the Month: Chris Rodriguez

We’re excited to announce Chris as our September Athlete of the Month! Chris is a delight to have at Solcana, always bringing a cheerful and uplifting energy into class, no matter how early.

Read more about Chris, our September Athlete of the Month below!

Coach Jeff says, “Chris is so great to have in my classes. He is SO open to feed back and coaching. He recently returned from a back injury that was causing weakness and numbness in his leg. He continued to show up during his rehab to be in community with the gym people. He’s been very intentional with how he’s moving his body in order to avoid re-injury. Chris always has a thoughtful response to the Question of the Day, which really helps get the rest of the class opened up.”

Coach Neesh adds, “Chris is always a joyful and uplifting spirit even if it is 5:50AM!”

Chris talks about his decision to start going to the gym, “I had never stepped foot in a gym until I moved to Minnesota about 5 years ago. I wanted to find a connection with my own body, I wanted to move, and I wanted to feel GOOD about moving. I started my journey at Solcana in June of 2021 and it has been amazing at helping me continue to fulfill this promise to myself.”

“My main goal has always been simple: get up and get my body moving at least a few times a week. Having fun and interesting classes with coaches and athletes that are so fun to be around has made keeping that goal much easier. I have also, secretly, been harboring a dream to do a handstand, and let me just say that I have recently started being able to kick up into a wall handstand, and oh boy, do I feel like a dang superhero.”

Fun Facts about Chris!

  • Chris does improv, mainly at HUGE Theater in the Twin Cities, and you can find him in a weekend show throughout the year.
  • He podcasts, and does voice over and stage acting.
  • Chris is also an artist, and really enjoys 3D modeling and animation, as well as digital illustration.
  • He is an “ushertainer” for the Saint Paul Saints.

Coach Max chimes in, “I love Chris’ happy-go-lucky attitude. He’s a constant at 6AM, and always shows up ready to  get to work. Chris brings a casual, don’t-be-to-hard-on-yourself attitude that makes classes with him so fun. Even as a coach, having athletes that exude this energy really sets the tone and creates an environment for everyone to show up where they’re at.”

“Solcana has been amazing. I have been dealing with a back injury for the last few months, and every coach at the gym has been so great at helping me find movements that work for me, where I am, on that day. Everyone at Solcana goes so far to help me feel included and safe, and like I belong. I have seen that same level of commitment toward every single athlete that steps through that front door. It warms my heart.”

Check out his work here: and here: !

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