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Fall Challenge / Programming Cycle, Sep 6th – Nov 20th

Welcome to Solcana’s Fall Challenge!

Our new programming cycle will focus on The Fall Challenge, where we get a baseline measurement for a few exercises at the beginning of the cycle, and then test those same exercises at the end of the cycle to measure our improvement.

You can sign up for the official challenge HERE! It’s FREE for everyone and we recommend you sign up so that you can possibly win fun prizes. You can opt in to be paired with a random accountability buddy so you can encourage each other throughout the course of the challenge. 

The best part is, you’ll already be working on every aspect of the challenge in classes, so signing up just adds a level of accountability. Signing up for the challenge is about owning your hard work–allowing others to find inspiration and motivation in your results while still celebrating your own efforts. 

The Fall Challenge

  • 1RM Deadlift
  • 2RM Hang Squat Clean
  • 3RM Push Up

Initial testing on Monday 9/19 or Sat 9/24 (or open gym)

Final testing the week of 11/14

  • Deadlift = Max effort raw strength
  • Hang Clean = Explosive power under tension
  • Push-ups = Shoulder stability and full body control 

Here is how we will focus our work throughout the week:


Tuesdays and Saturdays will be a mix of movements focused on muscular balance and opportunities for less technical forms of exertion. 

Also, the new Group Strength classes at 4:30PM will follow the exact same lifts Monday through Thursday while focusing on strength, accessory and body building exercises instead of a Metcon. 

Let’s get strong together!

Register Here for The Fall Challenge!

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