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July Athlete of the Month: Arnée Martin

We’re excited to announce Arnée as our July Athlete of the Month! They have been a joy to have around and an absolute powerhouse in class. Arnée’s dedication and drive inspires everyone around them, especially watching them squat over 300 pounds at the Squat-Off.

Read more about our July Athlete of the Month below!

Coach Amelia says, “Arnée is a great force to have in class! They’re so dedicated and focused; I love to watch them set their own pace and chip away at Metcon in whatever way works for them. Arnée has a quick wit, but never pulls focus away from the class. They are so strong, and really put in the work to fine tune their form and increase their volume – regular attendance at powerlifting on Saturdays paid off in gainz in Arnée’s lifts over the last cycle.”

Coach Traci adds, “Arnée is so strong! They come to class and put in the work to increase their strength and improve their form with awesome focus. Loved watching them work through the workout as it works for them. It was so fun to watch Arnée in the squat off and see all of their hard work come together for such an impressive squat!”

Arnée will be a year-long member on July 14, and they discuss their time here. “It’s been great. I was really excited to discover powerlifting club. Weight training is one of my favorite forms of body movement. I really enjoyed the Squat-Off. It felt like a great personal celebration of all the hard work I’ve done.”

Coach Max chimes in, “It’s been such a joy to have Arnée in powerlifting. They’re so conscious of their body and boundaries… which allows them to make decisions on what’s best for them for ‘that day’. Arnée is great about asking for help and feedback. They asked for insight on bench press form, and literally jumped their lift by multiple pounds. Not only that, but I could see Arnée’s confidence in bench press skyrocket. Arnée is an absolute powerhouse!”

Fun Facts About Arnée!

  • Arnée is in the work-trade program at One Yoga, which they really love.
  • They are a visual artist & have a studio in the Northrup King Building in NE.
  • Their cross-stitch NSFW art is incredible! Check it out here:
  • They are a foodie and love camping!

Arnée appreciates the comfortability of Solcana, saying, “I had been to two bro gyms before this and never felt comfortable enough to push myself this far. I’ve enjoyed my time at Solcana because everyone comes as they are. I haven’t felt the need to meet standards outside the ones I’ve set for myself.”

Arnée is an amazing athlete and brings a fun energy to every workout. Their drive and ambition continue to inspire us, and we can’t wait to keep seeing them level up!

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