Learn to Coach with Us

I am so excited to announce that we are launching a coach training program through Solcana. Check out the details here!

This 12-week program is open to anyone who wants to become a certified coach. Whether you plan to use it to coach with us, somewhere else, or just want to learn for the fun of it.

We will be taking on 6 people starting June 20th, and you will work with us directly as well as on your own to become an NASM coach. Along the way we will also teach you the skills to be a trauma and equity-informed coach who can modify workouts for all bodies and be present for people at all skill levels.

Read more here –> https://www.solcanafitness.com/coachtraining

Our program is sliding scale and can be completely free to anyone who wants to do it but can’t afford to participate. We are prioritizing Black folks, Indigenous people, people of color, Trans folks and people with disabilities for these low-cost or free spots.

If you are interested at all in learning to be a coach, submit your info on the page and we will schedule a time to talk!

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