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May Athlete of the Month: Erin Walsh

Erin Walsh has been an integral part of the Solcana community for many years now. We are so honored to have her as athlete of the month. We absolutely love her strength and kindness inside and outside of classes. Outside of Solcana she enjoys potlucking with friends, singing karaoke, paddling any water, or skijoring with my Alaskan husky. Read more about Erin below. The coaches were thrilled to finally get the chance to share about Erin.

Coach Hannah says, “Erin Walsh is the hero of the gym. She believes in our mission SO HARD and does everything she can to support Solcana and everyone in it. She has brought literally her entire family in as members. She is the ultimate cheerleader for everyone and goes out of her way to make people feel special. She has supported me personally through so many changes in my life, and the gym through so many evolutions. She always tries to find the positive in any situation and has the ability to find the good in everyone. I can’t think of a better ambassador for Solcana than Erin. She is also so fricking strong and can do burpees at 100 miles an hour. Outside of the gym I just really love watching how Erin and Katie parent together and I use them as a model for the kind of parent I want to be. Erin has so much patience and love and dedication to everything she does from her work to her family to her time in the gym. She is also super outdoorsy, a professional camper and lover of all sporty things year-round. I LOVE ERIN SO MUCH!!!”

Coach Max also adds, “I have so much love and respect for Erin. The way she navigates life, the gym, being a parent and partner is so beautiful. Whenever Erin shows up, the energy of the room simply illuminates. Erin is always down and eager to step up. I know that I can always count on Erin to participate in my silly Sunday Funday games and lead by example.”

Erin talked a little bit about why she decided to join Solcana, “My brother Dan was already a member and told me that once I joined Solcana I would never look back – and he was right! I joined in 2017 at a time when I was always injured from too much running and not enough attention to strength and mobility. Solcana is both a place that feels entirely like home and helps me push the edges of what I think I am capable of. Moving heavy things together in the gym in ways that honor all bodies is just such a tangible replication of what we need to do together out in the world – I find it to be good and nourishing practice for the work of being a human. You can find weights and workouts anywhere. The community is what makes Solcana so special.”

“I don’t often get to be in the gym with Erin, but on those special occasions, I love to see her go for it. Her athleticism and work ethic are inspiring. Her words have always been kind and her presence comforting. She is a real pleasure to coach and to work out next to,” Coach Garrett F states.

Coach Sonal says, “I love having Erin in the class. She is ever so helpful and humble. She is so strong and knows her body well to work around her strengths and limitations. I love that she talks to people and especially new folx and makes them feel comfortable. There’s always so much positivity around her. Thank you for being yourself and a huge part of this beautiful community”

Coach Jeff adds, “There aren’t many things that feel better than getting a shoutout from Erin during a workout. She is so positive and encouraging and you can really tell that she means it. Erin is dedicated to showing up and being a morning mainstay. When we had to go virtual, there was Erin on the screen. When we were able to meet outside for group fitness, there was Erin leading the charge to keep going no matter how cold it got. Her relationship with her family makes me wish my own family lived closer.”

Fun facts about Erin:

  1. I started my own business called Spark & Stitch and my work focuses on kids’ social emotional development and technology/media. 
  2. Most of my family are members of Solcana – there are tons of Walshes running around that gym 🙂  Even our two kids took the “Solcana Kids” class with Hannah for a while.
  3. I’ve paddled on the Arctic Ocean
  4. I went to college on a bus
  5. I now live in the Seward neighborhood across the street from the same school I attended as a kid. 

Coach Garrett H shares, “Erin is like the sleeper cell in the back of the class – very unassuming until we finish the metcon and then it’s like boom! Where did she come from?! Erin is strong, consistent, and steady. She’s a great support person for others in the class and is a great example of consistency and strength for newer members. It’s been a joy to work with Erin over the years!”

Coach KK chimes in, “I love Erin so so much for so many reasons. Like Hannah said, Erin is the ultimate cheerleader, and is so respectful of boundaries and energy. You need someone to cheer super loud? Erin’s there. You need some quiet reassurance? Erin’s got your back. I’ve never met an individual who can meet someone where they are at and help them blossom and feel strong and confident. I love their Aries power energy and chattiness. One of my favorite memories with Erin is from an Outdoor at Matthews Park a few years ago. It had been snowing, and I thought FOR SURE no one would show up. To my surprise, I see Amanda, the Fritz-Walsh clan, all walking across the park. We worked out, giggled and it was so so fun. We make a joke about Erin being so chatty at times that they miss directions, and I’ve never loved someone so much for that trait! Oh, and getting to coach Erin’s Dad through his first Solcana workout will be a forever honor. It was heartwarming to see the family come together. Katie and Erin are my dream parents, and to be completely honest, sometimes I cry with joy at how very respectful and encouraging and loving they are with kiddos.”

We think it is safe to say everyone looks up to Erin as a role model at Solcana. Her attitude and energy are something that are hard to match. We are ever in awe of her capabilities, as an athlete, parent and all around human.

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