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Solcana 2022 Invitational Final Results

We did it! The Solcana 2022 Invitational is a wrap. Huge thanks and applause to all who took part!

Before we started the Invitational a number of people expressed worry about doing it. Worry that they might not “do well” or that they’d “let their team down.” What I saw during the Invitational was those same folks taking a step out of their comfort zone and doing an amazing job and most assuredly making their team proud.

First, let’s do a rundown of the final Event 5.

Here are the top 10 individual athletes for the event, including adjusted scores:

1Taylor Bloczynski8:37:00C2
2Ryan Horstman8:45:00C1
3Kendra Verhage8:46:00C2
4Erin Walsh8:49:00C2
5Jenn Halvorson9:03:00C1
6Hannah Wydeven9:08:00C1
7Teresa Hall9:52:00C1
8Garrett Ferderber10:15:00C1
9Amelia English10:27:00C1
10Mike Grewe10:31:00C1

Way to go Taylor! They should have issued you a ticket you were goin’ so dang fast!

The team rankings for Event 5 were as follows:

1Team 3 (Jenn, Ryan, Max, Amanda)
2(The Team Formerly Known As Bar Flies) Strong Feelings
3Jerik’s Choice
4Still Wodders Run Deep
5Wacky JAKKs
6Turkish Get Up Before You Go-Go
7Tired AF
8The Short Kings
9Team 2 (Bradley, Jackie, Jen B.)

Amazing job Team 3! That workout was a doozie, way to band together and smash it.

Alright, let’s get down to overall rankings. Just so this post doesn’t become hugely cluttered, I’m just going to include the top 10s here. If you’d like to see the full rankings, you can access that right here

The top 10 scoring athletes for the whole Invitational were as follows:

1Ryan Horstman
2Garrett Ferderber
3Nathan Aul
4Hannah Wydeven
5Taylor Bloczynski
6Jenn Halvorson
7Collin Arnett
8Mike Grewe
9Kendra Verhage
10Cate Reynolds

Let’s remove all those pesky coaches. They did an amazing job, but the glory can’t go to our staff. Let’s take a look at the top 10 with coaches removed:

1Ryan Horstman
2Nathan Aul
3Taylor Bloczynski
4Collin Arnett
5Mike Grewe
6Kendra Verhage
7Cate Reynolds
8Lara Friedman-Shedlov
9Brian Stepanek
10Katie Fritz

Great job, Ryan! You earned it. Way to push the pedal to the metal.

The final team rankings go like this:

1Team 3 (Jenn H, Ryan, Max, Amanda)38111
2Still Wodders Run Deep62324
3Turkish Get Up Before You Go-Go71266
4Team 8 (Garrett F, Lara, Annalee, Teresa)55432
5Jerik’s Choice16573
6Tired AF23687
7The Short Kings47748
8Wacky JAKKs94855
9Team 2 (Bradley, Jackie, Jen B.)89999

Team 3, you’re amazing. What a group of heavy hitters! Way to get after it each week. Congratulations on winning the 2022 Invitational!

Prizes for the 2022 Invitational are:

Overall individual winner Ryan Horstman won dinner for 2 at Cafe Racer

Overall team winners “Team 3” will each receive a pair of rainbow socks. The purchase of each pair supports The Trevor Project and their work to provide safe spaces for LGBTQ young people.

Spirit of the Challenge: we would like to give The Spirit of the Challenge award not to an individual, but to a group of folks. We want to use this distinction as a HUGE shout out to all the striking teachers who still made time to come and do these workouts, in many cases managing extra time with kids at home. What an epic undertaking! The fact that you all still managed to make time each week to take part is incredible. Katie Fritz, Marlee Leebrick-Stryker, Ness Madeiros, and Jenn Halvorson, you’re amazing. You’ll get a gift card to Wildflyer Coffee. If you are a teacher who was on strike during the Invitational and we didn’t know – please let us know and we’ll edit this post and make sure you get your prize.

To honor them we are giving them all some gift cards to the yummy Wildflyer coffee shop on Minnehaha Ave!

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