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New Programming Cycle April 4th-June 4th

Monday we are starting a brand new 9-week programming cycle!

If you are pretty new to Solcana (less than 6 months), you don’t really need to be concerned about the programming itself, it’s best just to focus on attending on a regular schedule and having fun!

This cycle we are going to be testing a workout, and retesting it after 9 weeks. Unlike the Solcana invitational, you aren’t competing against anyone else, just yourself! Your goal is to improve your TIME for this workout:

3 rounds for time:
400m run
12 HSPU or Hand Release Push-ups
6 power cleans (185/125/95/65)

Scaling options:

200m run, 500 m row, 1000 m bike
12 elevated push ups
6 double dumbbell power cleans

The weights are suggestions, not requirements. You should choose a weight that is in the medium-heavy range for you and offers you a challenge. You will try this workout and then re-test it at the 8TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY on June 4th (so excited)

We will be testing this workout next week Monday April 4th with an option to test on Saturday April 9th. Fingers crossed we don’t have snow on Monday!!

What can you expect from this cycle?

The workout includes running (everyone’s fave skill I’m sure), so we will be building up our running tolerance, as well as building mobility and strength in the knees, hips and ankles to avoid running injury. You can also expect to see us working on other skills that will help you improve in this workout like core stability, handstand pushup and pushup work and power cleans.

Here is a general outline of the days, with lots of variety built in throughout:

SquatPower Cleans & Other skillsBenchVarietyFUN DAYPower Cleans & Other skills

I am super excited for Friday Fun Days in this cycle. Every Friday we will be doing a themed or partner workout that I think you will really enjoy. Now, sometimes people avoid partner workouts because they get stressed out about the idea of having to work with someone else. Well, these partner workouts won’t just be “switch rounds with a partner” like we sometimes do. You won’t rely on your partner completing something quickly in order for you to get a turn. It’s more about having someone else to cheer you on, push you a little bit and have fun alongside someone else. You will definitely get a good workout. I (Hannah) wrote all of the partner workouts and I am so excited to complete them with you.

This first Friday of the cycle we will be doing the “Adam” workout to celebrate Adam Quick’s 1000th class.


The 8th Anniversary Party will take place Saturday June 4th from 10a-2p.

We will retest this workout in the morning in heats, and then we will have a food truck, music and other fun things to celebrate 8 years and surviving 2 whole years of the pandemic.

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