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Invitational Workout #4 Scores

Coach Hannah subbing in here for Jerik this week! I was so excited to see all of the scores roll in from week 4. This workout was a unique challenge and oh boy did it absolutely crush me!

Individual Scores for #4

W4 Ind RankAthlete NameW4 Adjusted ScoreCtgry.Overall
1Garrett Ferderber148C12
2Taylor Bloczynski127C25
3Jenn Halvorson122C16
4Nathan Aul122C13
5Hannah Wydeven120C14
6Ryan Horstman119C11
7Erin Walsh106C215
8Kira Hasbargen104C123
9Maxwell Poessnecker104C112
10Kendra Verhage104C29
11Teresa Hall103C117
12Katie Fritz103C214
13Mike Grewe102C18
14Cate Reynolds98C110
15Brian Stepanek97C113
17Lara Friedman-Shedlov97C111
18Anna Baeth88C236
19Annie Walsh87C232
20Collin Arnett87C27
21Ewan Scotto87C229
22Benny Olk86C227
23Amanda Lovelee81C222
24Amelia English80C125
25Jennifer Benson79C116
26Joshua Humphrey79C120
27Bradley Machov78C133
28Jackie Horstman67C228
29Jared Frandson67C237
30Annalee Tomsicek65C231
31Jonathan Popko64C119
32Daphne Sidor62C124
33Jeff Lockhart61C118
34Adam Quick56C126

Whoo!!!! To score, I added 20% to the score of anyone in the C1 category. The reason we boost C1 scores is because we really want folks to challenge themselves to the category that is hardest for them – and knowing they can get a little boost in their score makes it easier for folks to make that decision.

WOW GARRETT AND TAYLOR! Just insane. Congratulations on crushing it this week!

You’ll see I also included overall place. Ryan is pretty easily sitting in the overall position, but if anyone has a really good week 5 (or Ryan sleeps through the workout), there is still a possibility of another overall winner.

We haven’t mentioned this so far, but coaches will NOT count in the final overall rankings, so if you are sitting in the top 20, expect your spot to go up a few places next week.

I put all of the team scores for this week AND the overall team scores so you know where your team is in the rankings.

Team NameW1W2W3W4Overall Rank
Team 3 (Jenn, Ryan, Max, Amanda)38111
Still Wodders Run Deep62321
Turkish Get Up Before You Go-Go71263
Team 8 (Ferderber, Lara, Annalee, Teresa)55434
Jerik’s Choice16575
Tired AF23685
The Short Kings47747
Wacky JAKKs94858
Team 2 (Bradley, Jackie, Jen B.)89999

So as you can see, Team 3 won both of the last events and is TIED for the first place spot with Still Wodders Run Deep. So those two teams are going to be battling it out for the winning team spot!

This week is our FINAL week of the Invitational. Without giving anything away, I feel like you’re all gonna knock this one out of the park. Have fun!

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