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Invitational Event 1 Results


What a great start to the 2022 Solcana Invitational. That workout looked SPICY.

Not only did we put our gymnastic skills to the test with our pushing variations, but we tested strength, speed, and technique with the snatch. I saw numerous PRs and at-the-buzzer moments – it was so exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing it each week.

The top 10 individuals are as follows:

1Ryan Horstman
2Garrett Ferderber
3Hannah Wydeven
4Jenn Halvorson
5Nathan Aul
6Cate Reynolds
7Garrett Hoffman
8Jeff Lockhart
9Taylor Bloczynski
10Kendra Verhage

Great job everyone, and congrats to Ryan H! Way to move REALLY fast and throw a big ol’ barbell up over your head. Amazing!

Now in terms of teams, the top 10 are as follows:

1Tired AFHannah Wydeven
Collin Arnett
Adam Quick
Ness Madeiros
2Bar FliesTerea Hall
Annalee Tomsicek
Garrett Ferderber
Lara Friedman-Shedlov
3Jerik’s ChoiceJeff Lockhart
Kendra Verhage
Jane Sumner
Cate Reynolds
4Turkish Get Up Before You Go-GoAnnie Walsh
Daphne Sidor
Mike Grewe
Ewan Scotto
Joshua Humphrey
5The Short KingsKK
Garrett Hoffman
Taylor Bloczynski
Anna Baeth
6Still Wodders Run DeepBrian Stepanek
Benny Olk
Nathan Aul
Erin Walsh
7Team 3Max Poessnecker
Amanda Lovelee
Ryan Horstman
Jenn Halvorson
8Wacky JAKKsJonahan Popko
Katie Fritz
Amelia English
Kira Hasbargen
9Team 2Bradley Machov
Brooke Haesemeyer
Jen Benson
Jackie Horstman

Great job and great name, Tired AF. Way to get after it!!!

Lastly, great big shout out to everyone who did the Play category. Even though you aren’t competing, many of you hit personal records and tried new things and went after it with so much incredible and infectious enthusiasm! Let’s keep it GOING!

Stay tuned tonight for Event #2’s announcement. See you all soon!

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