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Friday Night Lights

The Invitational is coming up and we are bringing back Friday Night Lights!

Friday Night Lights is an opportunity to come do the invitational workout with a bigger cheering section and the positive pressure of a crowd of friends.

Fridays, March 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th and April 1st

4:30 – 6:30 pm (doors close at 7)

Show up when you can and sign up for a heat time when you arrive. Heats will run every 20-minutes or so depending on the workout. You can register for FNL on WODify to let us know you plan to come during that window.

There will be coaches here to help guide the workout, but FNL is not like a normal class. You will show up, and the warm-up will be on the board for you to complete on your own before the workout. Each heat will get a short rules briefing before the workout, but it’s helpful to watch the videos we will release on Thursday nights so you have a sense of what the workout will be like and what you will personally do for modifications.

MASKS OPTIONAL. Even if the rest of the classes are still mask-required, Friday Night Lights is mask-optional during the workout. Before and after you workout, or if you’re just there to watch, we ask that you still mask.

FAMILY WELCOME. Bring your kiddos, your spouse, your bff. As long as they are vaccinated (or under 5 wearing a mask if possible).

SHOW UP EARLY if you want to be in pictures. Our photographer Audrey will be here snapping shots in the early half of the evening and we would love to have all of you featured in photos!

See you there!!

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