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Membership FAQ’s

When do my classes start?
Your billing cycle is the start of your monthly classes. For example, if your payment happens on the 27th of the month, that is when your monthly classes start. It does not go by calendar date. 

What is the class cancellation policy? 
There is a 2 hour class cancellation policy. If you cancel within the 2 hours before class you will lose that class for the month. 

How long is my membership good for? 
Your membership is a month to month agreement. It will auto renew on your billing date every month. 

What is the membership cancellation policy? 
There is a 30 day cancellation with your membership. Meaning if you let us know you want to cancel, you will have one last payment and be done 30 days after that. 

What is your current COVID policy? 
Currently, we are requiring all members to be vaccinated and boosted by Feb. 1st. We also require everyone in class to wear masks. This policy is subject to change at any time. 

What does the class schedule/daily workouts look like? 
Wodify will have the class schedule on it and the workout of the day will be posted at 8PM the night before class. With every new programming cycle we put out a blog post letting you know the focus of the next cycle. 

Do you offer membership holds? 
You can put your membership on hold up to twice a year for 30 days at a time. We have a hold form to fill out if you ever need to do this. 

What is recess and does it count towards classes? 
Recess is just open gym. Meaning you can come and use the space as you need. You can do the WOD or whatever movements feel good for you that day. It does not count towards your monthly classes. 

Do Sunday classes count towards classes?
Sunday Funday is a open class for members and people in the community. It does not count towards classes and anyone is welcome to come. There are fun games and silly ways to move your body programmed. 

Can I attend virtual classes? 
Virtual classes are included with every membership. You can sign up on Wodify to attend a live class. Access to our virtual recording portal was emailed to you during your trial. Reach out if you need that information resent. 


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