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Why consistency is important…

You may have seen our athletes in the 1000 class club and wonder how they did it. Start small, with your first 25 classes, then 100 classes, and soon enough that goal won’t seem so far away.

What do we mean by consistency? You don’t have to come to the same day and time every week but coming around the same number of times per week will help your body get used to regular movement. 

If your goal is overall health and wellness, doing something consistently will be most beneficial for you. It doesn’t have to look a certain way, moving your body at all is better than trying to find the perfect movement practice.

If you have goals of doing a pull up, or squatting heavier, consistency with those specific movements will be important. Having a routine, a few times a week, is going to help your body more than coming 5 days in a row and then taking a month off. Your body builds strength over time, it won’t happen overnight.

We’re all creatures of habit.  The more we practice, the more natural it becomes.  Think about babies learning to walk, or when we learned to drive – it’s the same with exercise.  It’s completely normal to feel out of your element if you’re trying a workout, fitness regime, class, etc, for the first time – but the more you do it – the more comfortable you’ll feel.

Our goal for you is to be coming at least three days a week. This allows your body to learn and get used to movements regularly done in classes, building muscle memory and reducing the risk of injury. It also helps build community, get to know more coaches and other athletes. Having people you connect with in the gym will increase your motivation to keep coming back! 

Developing new routines or getting back into one after some time away can be challenging. Everyone has different things that work for them. These are some things you might try to help you to stick to that routine: 

  • Get enough sleep so you have the energy to show up.
  • Pack a gym bag the night before class or wearing your workout clothes to bed to get to that early AM class
  • Request accountability text check ins from the Solcana team, or post in the Facebook group and find an accountability buddy who has your same schedule.
  • Stack your habits. (for example, you consistently eat lunch at the same time everyday, so before you eat you sign up for a the 9AM class the next day)
  • Track your progress so you have a visual representation of how many classes you are have completed. Make a cute tracker and put it up on your fridge, or use our 25-class tracker below and submit it to us for 3 extra classes on your account.
  • Create positive reinforcement around goals (for example, every week you hit 3 classes a week, you watch an extra episode of your favorite show, or set aside $30 for your next vacation, or eat a meal you really look forward to.)


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