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Where does motivation come from? 

Exploring what motivates you is a really important part of building any new routine. Asking the “why” is what will help you build meaningful habits that last you a lifetime.

When you are new, your resolve is more fragile. Extrinsic motivation is needed. Your habits aren’t built in yet and it isn’t a part of who you are. You have this initial drive but it’s not second nature yet, you might not have that intrinsic motivation. After a few months, making the decision to come to class isn’t as tough and you can rely on habit vs motivation to get you to show up. In the meantime, check out these 5 tips to help you through your first few months. 

  1. Meet someone in class. Having a buddy always makes motivation easier, and working out with a friend can make a new environment much less overwhelming.
  2. Ask for help. When you’re building a new habit like working out 3x per week, it can be helpful to have an accountability person in your life. Someone who helps you stay on track, reminds you of your goals or just acts as your cheerleader. We can help you with this – we are happy to send you regular texts to keep you engaged and coming back to the gym. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.
  3. Have fun in class. Bringing joy into your movement and not having it feel like punishment is another sure fire way to keep you coming back. We are taught that working out is atonement for some other behavior, but at Solcana we genuinely believe that working out should be fun. That’s why we constantly offer modifications and options for workouts – it should never feel like movements are out of your grasp or feel shameful to do. Your workouts are entirely for your enjoyment and we want to help you get there.
  4. Schedule days and times that you consistently come. Having things set in your schedule allows your movement to be a priority in your life and not have other commitments interfere. 
  5. Set mini-goals and determine your deeper why. Why are you moving your body? What are your goals? Coming back to this will help when motivation falters. A mini-goal is a great place to start. For example “I want to attend class 3x this week” is a mini-goal that you can hit without feeling overwhelmed. Or, “I want to lift 5# heavier on my deadlift this week” is another great example of a mini-goal.

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