Solcana Invitational 2022

Starting March 4th, each Friday in class we will all do a top secret workout (unveiled Thursday evening) written by Hannah. These workouts will cover a wide range of elements that test strength, endurance, and technique. The Invitational will be done in teams of 4 this year, each week selecting your top three team member’s scores for the leaderboard.

Leading up to this we will focus our training on these skills – so you’ll be prepped no matter what!

This year we will have two divisions to choose from:

Competition – This division is the more competitive side. There will be 2 sub categories with prescribed weights and movement standards to which the athletes will be held. Don’t worry – we will have plenty of options! Workouts will be observed by a judge (a fellow athlete) to maintain standards throughout. If you really love seeing how your score stacks up against others on the leaderboard, this is the one for you. Awards will be given for top team and top individual.

For Competition Level 1 you should be able to do most of these:

Kipping Handstand push-ups
Kipping Pull-ups
Dumbbell work with 50 or 35lbs
Box Jumps
Weighted lunges
Wall ball (20/14) to (10’/9′)
Russian swings (70/50)

For Competition Level 2 you should be able to do most of these:

Hand-release push-ups
Savannah Bar pull-ups
Dumbbell work with 30 or 20lbs
Weighted box step-ups to 20” box
Weighted lunges
Wall ball (14/10) to (9’)
Russian swings (35/25)

Play – This division is for those that want to take part, but aren’t so concerned with being competitive. You can pick whatever weights you like, all forms of scaling are welcomed. You don’t have to have a judge watch your workout unless you want to. You just want to have a sweaty good time. Awards will be given for team spirit.

Fill out the form below to enter! REGISTRATION CLOSES FEB 18TH

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