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The Next Progressions

Back Squat Results
Back Squat Results

We just completed a 12-week squat series with some pretty unbelievable results. Can we please take a moment to recognize these people for being so badass it’s crazy? Adding even 5# to your back squat can be a long and arduous process. Solcanauts added an average of 37# over 12 weeks. That is actually insane.

Now that we are heading into the Diane challenge, it’s time to start working on that deadlift! Over the next 12 weeks we will be doing a heavy progression inspired by Benedikt Magnusson. Here is how you can prepare yourself for the progression:

1. Download the document here : Solcana 12-week Magnussen Progression

2. Choose either the “beginner” or “intermediate” progression. If you are brand new to the gym, have never done deadlifts before, or have no idea what your starting weight will be, use the “beginner” progression. Everyone else will use the “intermediate”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.58.34 AM3. Enter your personal deadlift goal where it says “projected max”. If you know your current PR, set your projected max slightly higher than that. If you don’t know your current PR, you can estimate it a few ways.

a) take your Diane weight and double it,

b) if you know your 5 rep max, that is about 65% of your 1RM, or your 3 rep max is about 75% of your 1RM.

If you really have no idea what your projected max is, then use the beginner progression and on week 1, when you do a 5×5 deadlift, you can have a coach help you estimate your max based on your numbers from that first day.

Here is our schedule for the upcoming progressions:

Mondays: Deadlift days***
Tuesday: Clean + Jerk
Wednesday: Handstand pushups, longer metcons
Thursday: Snatch
Friday: Tempo squats, working up to a 20-rep back squat
Saturday: Bench press, rowing

***The exception is that in the first week of the progression, we will be deadlifting on Wednesday, to avoid being overworked after the Diane prelims.

Here are some recommendations for which days to prioritize attendance:

Beginner athletes: a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule with occasional Saturday workouts will help you build your base of endurance as well as help you follow the basic strength progressions so you can get strong quick.

Intermediate athletes: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday schedule with a 5th day of your choosing. Prioritize strength days and up your oly lifting skills by being consistent in your practice.

Advanced athletes: Why don’t you just set up a cot and move right in?

These progressions will take us into the end of the year, which means they will run through the dreaded holiday season. why do I say dreaded? During the holidays there is a sudden drop-off in attendance and a lot of e-mails that begin with “I have had so much pie…” Get a head-start on your 2015 by staying in the game early on. Commit yourself to the progressions now and you will have an excuse later for your great-aunt Shirley when she asks you to stay up all night drinking the wine leftover from her first wedding.

See you in the gym!








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