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CrossFit To-Go

photo 1(4)photo 2(4)A lot of clients e-mail me when they go out of town and ask “will you send me some workouts I can do while I am on the road?” I have a solution for you my friends. Introducing our “CrossFit To-Go” box. The box is located in the entry of the gym and it contains a kettlebell, medicine ball, Lacrosse ball and an abmat. You can check out the whole box for $10/week or just one item for $3/week. If you are headed on a road trip this little box will be your perfect companion.

What if you are traveling by plane? Or you just don’t have room for a 35# kettlebell? Included in the box are two workout-guides, one which includes the equipment in the box, and one that doesn’t require any equipment at all. Next time you are stranded in a hotel for work, take along one of our no equipment Road WOD guides for only $3 and have 10 workouts to choose from. No more crappy hotel treadmills for you, and no excuses for not maintaining your fitness while you are out of the 3

If you want to take advantage of the CrossFit To-Go box, simply fill out the equipment sign-out form and go!


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