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Yoga for You

YogaOur Yoga class with Coach Wendy Hurd starts this week, and I am super excited to get my namaste on. Yoga is an excellent counterpart to CrossFit because though both require intention and purpose in movement, our yoga class offers the opportunity to move a little more slowly and restore some balance to your body.

Our yoga classes will implement a conversational approach to class—it’s ok to ask question, smile, laugh, and occasionally tell jokes! We’ll focus on the basics. This includes being present with your breath, proper alignment during postures, balance, mobility, some flowing sequences, and inversion practice. Part of the conversation of class is asking students what the want to work on. Speak up, and it will happen! Typically each class will have a theme. This may include backbending/heart openers, hip mobility, or balance, to name a few. This week’s class will be a foundations class. We will do some break down of common postures and provide alternatives. This is a great opportunity to work and the fundamentals for the experienced yogi, and a great intro for those with a little less experience.

We ask you bring your yoga mat, some water, and a towel for class, along with a positive and open attitude! If you have any yoga props (a block, strap, etc) you are encouraged to bring them as well. Finally, if you have any injuries or concerns about practice, please speak with Wendy before class so she can make your yoga experience the best it can be!

Class will take place rotating Sundays and Wednesdays, so pay attention to the WODify schedule for the week. Additionally, yoga will end right before open gym begins on Sundays, so if you come early for open gym be mindful of the zen atmosphere you are entering.





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